CLTR Conference – Keynote Speakers

Dr Peter Kahn Educational Developer, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool and CLTR Visiting Professor
Academic Leadership in Local Contexts: a Collaborative Vision for Teaching and Learning
Peter will draw on his forthcoming book Collaborative working in higher education: the social academy (August, 2009, Routledge) to offer a vision for academic leadership, addressing learning and teaching in departmental and programme team settings. His current research interests include the application of realistic social theory and critical realism to a range of issues across higher education, including the curriculum, academic staff development, reflective practice, widening participation and cross-cultural awareness.

Peter’s role within the Centre is to work on pedagogic research and on continuing professional development (CPD) for staff involved in teaching. In addition he contributes to the centre’s programmes in learning and teaching, acting as the Co-Director for the MA/PGDip in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. He has published extensively in learning and teaching, authoring, co-authoring and editing books on teaching and learning mathematics in higher education, study skills for mathematics students, staff and educational development and the development of university teaching. He has recently published Kahn P E and Walsh L (2006) Developing Your Teaching, Routledge, London.

Dr Jacqueline Potter
Academic Development Manager, CAPSL, Trinity College Dublin
Disciplines and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
This paper considers the relationships between disciplines and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Higher Education. How did come to be and why is it how it is? It presents a brief history of the formation and development of ‘modern’ HE teacher scholarship, with particular focus on the disciplinary influences that have shaped and moulded the current paradigm. In reviewing the present state and status of SoTL the paper asks, ‘is SoTL a discipline?’ The paper looks forward to possible futures for teacher scholarship. The paper speculates and theorises how SoTL would look in two different scenarios: the first where teacher scholarship develops a strong disciplinary identity of its own, the second, where disciplinary pedagogies emerge.

Dr Jacqueline Potter works at Trinity College Dublin, and is on the Management Board of the National Academy for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (NAIRTL). Across her work supporting academic and institutional development goals, her abiding interest is in supporting and researching ‘what’s happening and working’ when learning happens. Current research and development topics include research leadership and supervision, student conceptions of research and approaches to academic writing.

About Jennie Barnsley

I am the Research Development Officer in the CLTR (Centre for Learning & Teaching Research) where I have worked part-time since January 2005. In this role I develop activities and resources to encourage and support colleagues across the institution to research their pedagogic theory and practice.
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