Research Methods online archive

Online archive for research methods materials launched!

The NCRM (National Centre for Research Methods) ePrints service is a single access point to all NCRM outputs: books, articles, working papers, reviews, reports, presentations etc. NCRM ePrints archive contains either the output itself, a link to it or in some cases just the bibliographic information.

We are continuously adding old and new outputs, so the NCRM ePrints archive is growing all the time. Please take a look what we currently have in the NCRM EPrints archive in

About Jennie Barnsley

I am the Research Development Officer in the CLTR (Centre for Learning & Teaching Research) where I have worked part-time since January 2005. In this role I develop activities and resources to encourage and support colleagues across the institution to research their pedagogic theory and practice.
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