Netskills Workshops in Manchester

There are still spaces available on the following workshops that Netskills will be running at the University of Manchester in October:

    1. Detecting & Deterring Plagiarism, 23rd October
    This practical workshop explores the impact of the web on plagiarism in education, and enables attendees to examine online and other methods of deterring and detecting it.

    2. Web 2.0 Tools to Make Life Easier, 24th October
    Are you drowning in information and wasting too much time trying to keep up? This workshop introduces a range of tools to help make the web work for you. From online post-it notes and to-do lists to personalising your own Google home page, the web is awash with tools and gadgets to help you streamline your working and home life.

    3. Information Skills: Is Google Enough? 25th October
    This workshop will give you a greater understanding of how Google works and equip you to search it, and other sites, more effectively. The workshop also provides you with the opportunity to explore what else is out there, learn about new developments in searching and think about how to evaluate web sites for quality.

Further details these workshops, including prices and booking forms, and of all future Netskills events are available from Netskills Workshops

About Jennie Barnsley

I am the Research Development Officer in the CLTR (Centre for Learning & Teaching Research) where I have worked part-time since January 2005. In this role I develop activities and resources to encourage and support colleagues across the institution to research their pedagogic theory and practice.
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