• Working Lunch!

    What happens? At this time of year with placements looming and assessment deadlines on the horizon, not to mention 1st Teaching Posts to apply for, time is of the essence. So to support students during this potentially difficult period of time, over in Design and Technology teaching spaces are booked over the lunch period, which […]

  • The concept and execution of an ‘induction year’

    The concept and execution of an ‘induction year’ What happens? In comparison to other settings, the concept of an ‘induction year’ has been made explicit within the programme as the one of the key components of the programme’s delivery and student support strategy. This feature is fully transferable to any full-time undergraduate programme of studies. […]

  • Primary ITT: Mental Health and Wellbeing

    What is the focus? Students on Primary ITT programmes receive specific input around mental health and wellbeing across two strands: Students’ own mental health and wellbeing – recognising positive and negative indicators; developing positive, proactive strategies for managing stress and wellness Students’ awareness of children’s mental health and wellbeing and its impact on their development […]