• How to move your teaching online – fast

    Complementing the many other valuable resources posted, you may find some useful ideas in the attached short paper from David Baume. It is published by the University of London Centre for Distance Education under a Creative Commons License  CC-BY-SA 2.0. In summary – please copy, use and adapt as you wish;  acknowledge its source; acknowledge […]

  • Covid19 Online compendium

    Click here to access the online compendium of virtual Learning and Teaching Resources. This list is offered in the spirit of supporting teaching, learning and both the student and staff experience. The resources are not presented as ‘recommendations’, but as suggestions, with users best placed to select and adapt what works for them. The master […]

  • #LTHEchat Resources

    #LTHEchat: Links to other resources created and collated during our special week long chat are here: Professor Sally Brown: Assessment. https://tinyurl.com/tjhjrwf Dr Vicki Dale: Online Pedagogies. https://tinyurl.com/r92q8d9 Professor Martin Weller: Effect on Students. https://tinyurl.com/u8pqqud Professor Patrice Torcivia Prusko. Sharing Resources: Amalgamated into SEDA’s document. Dr Laura Gibbs. https://tinyurl.com/twdatmn. And for Laura’s Blog please follow here: […]

  • Support from SEDA

    SEDA is committed to providing constructive support to all those working in educational development and the higher education sector worldwide. As part of this we have created an editable Google document in which we are collating links to practical resources. The document is fully editable, without the need for a Google account, so please go […]

  • #LTHEchat

    Join us on Twitter every week for the Learning and Teaching Higher Education Chat #LTHEchat, Wednesday 8-9pm (GMT) Join in during the week for #virtualcoffee