• Another Publication!

    Congratulations to Laura who has just had her PGCert THE7003 assignment accepted for publication

  • Developing undergraduate research skills

    The focus on, and development of, students’ research skills at undergraduate Level 4 and beyond What happens? Students find the skills requisite for a successful dissertation difficult to develop from a standing start at L6. The aim is to introduce the relevant skills at L4 and develop them further at L5 such that they are […]

  • Students become research assistants!

    Providing opportunities to encourage students to become research assistants What happens? It is more typical for students to be taught the theory of research, rather than taking part in the actual live research process. Students are given the opportunity and encouraged to take part in actual research activities led by lecturers on the programme. This […]

  • TEL support for staff

    The support provided for staff in the development of Technology Enhanced Learning including a dedicated Digital Productivity Lab What happens? Having a dedicated Digital Productivity Lab (DPL) where support for Faculty staff is provided by both LTD and the Faculty SOLSTICE fellows allows the development of creative learning materials that can be used in the virtual […]

  • Embedding research skills

    Embedding of research skills at all Levels of the programme Embedding research skills at all Levels allows for a gradual progression in the sophistication of techniques and approaches introduced and applied as a student progresses through the programme, so that they have a range of research skills at Level 6 that can be applied in […]