• Enrichment opportunities

    The student-led Midwifery Society which is supported by the Department to enrich the student learning experience What happens? The Midwifery Society creates a recognised forum to develop an EHU community for student midwives. A Society with elected committee members promotes communication among peers and enhances a collegiate approach to sharing knowledge. In addition, a recognised […]

  • Placement support app

    What happens? This app, which will be piloted from September 2017, is proposed to provide support and useful information to 3rd year students whilst on placement. It will enable them to have instant access to and understand issues such as safeguarding and conflict resolution. Practical details such as travel information will also be included. What […]

  • Personal Development Planning (PDP) ‘Steps to Success’

    The approach to Personal Development Planning (PDP) via the ‘Steps to Success’ model What happens? This model offers a theoretical representation of the PDP when aligned to the University’s employability themes, and the development of the student in relation to their research knowledge and capacity. The PDP is designed to align to the student journey […]

  • Supporting mentor-assessors

    Comprehensive support for mentor-assessors (Supervisors) in practice including a training workshop and Supervisor Handbook What happens? Partnership working is not a new concept. However, with a new programme it is essential to support colleagues in practice to understand the demands of the programme for the workforce and how the students would be assessed in practice […]

  • Supporting transition and retention with Peer Mentoring

    Computer Science Peer Mentoring To support transitions, student retention and develop graduate attributes the department of Computer Science offer an innovate peer mentoring system that involves mentoring throughout the student’s life from pre-entry into employment. The Rationale Many students coming to university will go through a transitional period.  They have to adapt to new ways of […]