• Supporting Induction and Transitions: The Impact of Festive Friday!

    Festive Friday What happened? Staff host a festive gathering for all of the 1st Year BA Hons Dance Students, providing an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the students first semester and the journey they have been on since leaving FE. What is the impact? The activity helped to bring the cohort together, it helped […]

  • Developing undergraduate research skills

    The focus on, and development of, students’ research skills at undergraduate Level 4 and beyond What happens? Students find the skills requisite for a successful dissertation difficult to develop from a standing start at L6. The aim is to introduce the relevant skills at L4 and develop them further at L5 such that they are […]

  • Enterprise Awards

    The nomination of students for Enterprise Awards What happened? Students have learned a number of transferable skills through the development of new business innovations such as networking, communication with external bodies, budgeting, costing and producing a business plan. It gives the students an opportunity to be creative within an otherwise very scientific subject area. What […]

  • Using Blackboard Collaborate for personal tutorials

    The use of Blackboard Collaborate for personal tutorials including those students who are studying remotely What happens? The use of the full range of tools in Collaborate has enabled us in the MaST team to devote personal time to students, focusing on their specific needs, and at times that suit them.  It provides an opportunity […]

  • Alumni to support transitions and improve retention

    As part of the Department’s Careers and Employability Week for all Level 5 and 6 students, the Department engages with alumni, particularly their involvement in the Careers and Employability Week and fieldtrips What happens? A number of alumni deliver short presentations on their career path since graduation and how they have applied the knowledge and […]

  • Alternative assessment

    The Department proposes to collaborate with the Department of Computer Science to explore the potential use of the CAVE resource for developing virtual field trips to 3D landscapes, simulating natural and environmental hazard scenarios etc., to support and enhance students’ experience of fieldwork and hazard management. What is the likely impact? Such virtual fieldtrips would […]

  • Embedding research skills

    Embedding of research skills at all Levels of the programme Embedding research skills at all Levels allows for a gradual progression in the sophistication of techniques and approaches introduced and applied as a student progresses through the programme, so that they have a range of research skills at Level 6 that can be applied in […]