• Overseas student exchanges

    The incorporation of global dimensions within the programme through the successful development and promotion of overseas student exchanges What happened? Edge Hill’s Paramedic Department and Saimaa University, Finland share best practice, specifically around clinical simulation and practical assessments. Students exchange between the departments twice a year, sharing knowledge and experience of professional clinical practice. This […]

  • Enrichment opportunities

    The student-led Midwifery Society which is supported by the Department to enrich the student learning experience What happens? The Midwifery Society creates a recognised forum to develop an EHU community for student midwives. A Society with elected committee members promotes communication among peers and enhances a collegiate approach to sharing knowledge. In addition, a recognised […]

  • Enriching the student experience

    Including students in professional networks, conferences and field trips What happened? Students are provided with the opportunity to engage in networking with a diverse group of nutrition and food professionals. It enables them to link the taught theory with practical applications in academia and industry. It helps them recognise the relevance of their learning on […]

  • Enterprise Awards

    The nomination of students for Enterprise Awards What happened? Students have learned a number of transferable skills through the development of new business innovations such as networking, communication with external bodies, budgeting, costing and producing a business plan. It gives the students an opportunity to be creative within an otherwise very scientific subject area. What […]

  • Students become research assistants!

    Providing opportunities to encourage students to become research assistants What happens? It is more typical for students to be taught the theory of research, rather than taking part in the actual live research process. Students are given the opportunity and encouraged to take part in actual research activities led by lecturers on the programme. This […]

  • Compulsory Paediatric First Aid for all students

    Research indicates that there is a statistically-significant relationship between average grades and students’ participation in enrichment activities. This is also supported by the current students’ positive feedback. Enrichment activities can be incorporated into any relevant full-time undergraduate programme of studies, and therefore are fully transferable. What happens? The inclusion of compulsory Paediatric First Aid for […]