Guidance for Staff

Guidance for Staff

This space has been designed by staff, for staff, and provides a virtual environment that is easy to access and simple to navigate.

It is a secure, searchable space, designed to allow you to view and download materials and resources from colleagues across the institution to support learning and teaching, but that can also be used as a resource to support you in preparing for periodic review or validation, guide you to the right central service to support students academically and with respect to their pastoral care, and to access staff research and development events.

This is an organic space that will grow as new content is added. Currently resources include the following focus areas:

  • Strategies to support ‘transitions’ (from pre-application through to graduation and into employment)
  • Curriculum Development Portal (including Good Practice Citations, as identified through periodic review, validation and external bench marking and The Taught Degrees Framework)
  • Supporting the Student Experience
  • Learning and Teaching, assessment, marking, moderation and feedback

If I share who has access?

Although anyone can view the environment, search the space, and read ‘basic’ content, downloadable resources, for example teaching materials or Power Point presentations, are stored securely within E-share, and are accessible only to staff with an Edge Hill University account. In accessing and adapting resources, we would always encourage staff to acknowledge and cite the original source(s).

Are you interested in sharing? 

If there is any aspect of your practice, or you have an activity, strategy or resource that would be of interest to colleagues across the institution, and that you would will willing to share please contact any member of the Team in the [email protected] or your faculty’s Senior Fellows.

Faculty of Health and Social Care 

CLT Link: Dr Dawne Irving-Bell. Senior Fellows: Kevin Henshaw, Toni Bewley, Dr Peter Leadbetter and Lynda Carey

Faculty of Arts and Science 

CLT Link: Claire Moscrop. Senior Fellows: Dr Andrea Wright, Dr Stephen Kelly

Faculty of Education

CLT Link: Dr John Bostock. Senior Fellows: Sarah Wright.