• Student Peer Mentoring- the bigger picture

    Student Peer Mentoring is not something done in isolation but is interconnected with many other aspects of the student experience i.e. transitions, personal tutoring, wellbeing. As we now build the bigger picture it is anticipated that we will see more holistically the relevance of Student Peer Mentoring to these other very important aspects and furthermore…

  • Student Peer Mentoring

    Thank you to all who  attended our very lively and informative group meeting. We have now agreed that there is much activity going on around the university as depicted on our google doc which has been sent with a report to LTC for their consideration. And here is the ‘link’ to the googledoc:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ho4irFjcqNwfSI12wh0rwmUqkNLSUm31FGPyh4hhEh8/edit?usp=sharing