• Student support initiative in the Medical School

    by Dr. Peter Leadbetter. With the FY for Medicine we have incorporated a new student support system (and have written an SOP) to support students.   We also have provided links to key student support services offered by the University (for examples please get in touch) Given that staff only have 3 FY students as personal-tutees […]

  • Supporting students in AHSC

    In this case study Hazel Flight, AHSC within the FOHSC explains how they are working to ensure effective student communications. “We are using collaborate, not just to teach, but to have catch ups.  I have a weekly catch up with each year group. This is optional for the students to attend, and give me the opportunity […]

  • The DigiLearn Webinar Series

    With kind permission Chris Melia, Senior Learning Technologist @UCLan shares work: #DigiLearnSector To access a series of webinars please click here: http://uclan.ac.uk/digilearnsector

  • Flexible, Open and Social Learning: A cross-boundary professional development course

    A warm welcome to #FOS201 and please come and join us! We are back! Are you ready for 10 days of cross-institutional development to explore flexible, open and social learning together? Dear colleagues and friends, A warm welcome to FOS, the open cross-institutional course for professionals in Higher Education who teach or support learning and students […]

  • Putting “content” online: Supporting student learning

    Inclusivity in course design—curricular interventions by Ellie Kennedy, NTU. A key focus of the Success for All educational development initiative was to ensure that curricular interventions—i.e. interventions into mainstream learning and teaching on the course—remain in focus. Studies on inclusive interventions in the sector (e.g. Thomas 2012; Hockings 2010; Mountford-Zimdars 2016; UUK 2019) emphasise the […]

  • Personal Tutoring Online

    Enhanced guidance to support colleagues in tutoring online will be available during the University Learning and Teaching Day. However in advance, and in addition to the existing Staff and Student Guides, University guidance and training resources and materials, you may find these link helpful: Effective Personal Tutoring in HE is a comprehensive text that explores […]

  • Social Media for Learning

    A guest blog post from Visiting Professor Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University and her students working within the SMASH team which is a student partnership group researching Social Media for Academic Studies at Hallam. To access the blog post please click here