What we do

To facilitate the induction and transition of students new to Higher Education, The BA Hons Teaching Learning & Child Development programme have developed a work booklet for their students to engage with through the Getting Started pages.

The booklet, divided into 4 key sections, is designed to introduce students to common ways of study, and learning and teaching in higher education.   Students are encouraged to engage with the booklet before they begin their programme in September.  Once at university, the booklet is revisited in Induction First Week in one of the academic sessions, where students actively engage in discussing their answers and approaches in teams of learners, supported by their Student Academic Mentors (SAMs).

as a further development of these higher education skills, the Programme & Course Leader, deliver a bespoke set of sessions on these skills in the first semester.

Benefit & Impact

Students report they feel more comfortable in their approach to academic study after engagement with this work. Around 80% of students engage with the pre- start work and all students benefit form engagement with the bespoke study skills sessions in the first semester.  Anxiety from students around active reading, note taking and Harvard Referencing have diminished since the introduction of this work.