Using Blackboard Collaborate for personal tutorials

The use of Blackboard Collaborate for personal tutorials including those students who are studying remotely

What happens?

The use of the full range of tools in Collaborate has enabled us in the MaST team to devote personal time to students, focusing on their specific needs, and at times that suit them.  It provides an opportunity for formative feedback on work-in-progress in a way that is as close as possible to the experience of having a face-to-face tutorial. This practice has been used by tutors in the MaST team to very good avail. It has also been used by some tutors on the outgoing MA Education, and its use will be continued in the newly-validated MA Educational Enquiry and Professional Learning.

What is the impact?

At each module evaluation students have mentioned the way in which they have valued this provision, particularly given the work and personal commitments many have. Further, it helps elaborate and provide clarification on written feedback, which students may sometimes need.


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For further information abut the impact of this strategy please contact:

Victoria Grinyer,

Andrea Taylor,

Sue Bailey,

Dr Mary McAteer,


[SOURCE: MA Educational Enquiry and Professional Learning – Stage 2].

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