Comprehensive support for mentor-assessors (Supervisors) in practice including a training workshop and Supervisor Handbook

What happens?

Partnership working is not a new concept. However, with a new programme it is essential to support colleagues in practice to understand the demands of the programme for the workforce and how the students would be assessed in practice and the supervisors’ responsibility in their learning. Bespoke workshops have allowed for a good working relationship to be built and prepared supervisors for their role within this new programme. Written support with the supervisor handbook provides a guide to the programme and its assessment in practice that Supervisors can refer to at any time. The appointment of the Partnership Clinical Facilitators (PCF) at the HEI bridges the gap of support between University and Practice while the employment of the Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) by the partners supports the Supervisors and students in practice.

Any programme with a practice/ partnership element can easily adopt this model of preparation with prior planning.

What’s the impact?

This has a positive impact on students as it demonstrates a cohesive partnership between HEI and employer. Students are in a transition period and the knowledge of the Practice Supervisor of the programme and practice requirements indirectly assists in a smooth transition. Students are away from the HEI for 80% of the programme and the support in the practice area is vital. The introduction of a bespoke Practice Education Facilitator (PEF) for the students on this programme later in 2017 will also support both Supervisor and student whilst away from the HEI. The supportive roles of both PEF and PCF will have a positive direct impact on student support and learning. The role of the PCF acts as a learning advocate for the students in University and practice acting, as a link where required.

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[SOURCE: FdSc Nursing Associate with level 6 BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Conversion degree].