Research indicates that there is a statistically-significant relationship between average grades and students’ participation in enrichment activities. This is also supported by the current students’ positive feedback. Enrichment activities can be incorporated into any relevant full-time undergraduate programme of studies, and therefore are fully transferable.

What happens?

The inclusion of compulsory Paediatric First Aid for all students. Early Years Education is the only Department on campus to deliver this training through Millie’s Trust. Other programmes where students are likely to work with children in this age group may benefit from this practice.

What is the likely impact?

Increased employability opportunities; high levels of student satisfaction. Enhances student employability by ensuring that they enter the workplace with the first aid skills required to work safely with children in the 0-7 age group.


For more information about the impact of this strategy please contact                            Karen Boardman, [email protected]

[SOURCE: BA (Hons) Working and Teaching in the Early Years – Stage 2].

[SOURCE: BA (Hons) Working and Teaching in the Early Years – Stage 1].