Identified good practice

The implementation of the Roll of Honour which recognises and rewards students’ outstanding academic and personal achievements and inspires other students to achieve their full potential [SOURCE: Periodic Review of Business School].

How is it innovative or distinctive and transferable to other settings?

Outside of Edge Hill, this is actually quite common in other Business Schools. The true benefits start to appear after a couple of years because you are able to discuss each year with incoming level 4 and 5 students and make a link between their current behaviour and future performance. The transferability is high because each subject area could adjust categories to suit own areas. It then becomes about communication.

What impact has it had/will it have on students (directly or indirectly)?

“We expect the true benefits to start to emerge this year with incoming l4, l5 students but even this year some of the graduates had achieved higher on their final year thesis projects because they were aware (via our conversations) that the Honour Roll exists. There is also an opportunity to extend employability links for both departments and graduates because we have professional bodies involved in prize-giving for certain programmes, for example the Chartered Management Institute. Next year, we will be looking further for professional bodies to provide prizes as a way of making links between attainment and professional success clear”.

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