A wise man once said…………

Martin, I’d like to pick up a couple of the points made in your most recent blog “On Social Evil and Ephebiphobia”
Having been at the wonderfully rich CLIS / EICIN symposium, I agree that the young people really did have much to say about inter-generational dialogue but I wonder whether the pendulum swings too far if we claim that inter-generational dialogue in the virtual world can only be between people who have met and are well known to each other in the real world first. Does this need qualification? Are you talking about meaningful dialogue, productive dialogue, mutually beneficial dialogue???……..your claim is an interesting one that I think we could explore further.

I was also struck by what Tanya said about young people having technological capability but lacking wisdom and people like ourselves having the wisdom…this makes me feel a little itchy. To be completely corny (apologies) Confucius stated that wisdom can be learned by three methods: Reflection (the noblest), imitation (the easiest) and experience (the bitterest). According to “Doctrine of the Mean,” Confucius also said, “Love of learning is akin to wisdom.
In what ways are we wise???? Answers on a blogcard!!

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