Edge Hill Christmas Market

Today is the annual Christmas Market at Edge Hill this year with more organisations and staff and students taking part. ( Will expand this later)

The following are some pictures taken today

Officially a 2012 Games Maker

Hey Guys this is an update on my steps to volunteer at 2012,

I am over the moon to tell you all that the other week I received a letter congratulating me on getting through the selection process and being accepted as a Games Maker for 2012.

At the interview they asked lots of questions about what I had done to help others and volunteering I had done before. You dont realize how volunteering with different projects over time can all mount up when someone is writing it down.  Im sure its helped me to be accepted on the team. A big thank you goes out to the volunteers coordinator at Edge Hill as without her posting it on her Facebook group i don’t think i would have noticed it.

The team I have been selected to help with is the Technology team. Kind of good considering I am doing a computing course. I will be helping at the BMX and Basket Ball. at the Velodrome.

My roles will include:

  • Helping the Venue Technology Manager coordinate the implementation and operation of technology services at the venue
  • Coordinating technology tours of the venue for interested parties such as partners, the Olympic/Paralympic Family and future Host Cities.
  • Carrying out administrative tasks and simple installations.
Next stage is orientation training in February looking forward to it 🙂
speak to you all soon Chris.

Open Day

Hello again,

Find your way to Edge Hill Uni

Find your way to Higher Education. Visit a Edge Hill University Open Day (Photo taken July 2011)

Today was the last Edge Hill open day of 2011. Lots of you turned out for the day record numbers registered for the day. Hopefully you were able to make it and were able to discover all that Edge Hill has to offer.

This year i had a role as a student guide, I took groups of prospective students on Campus tours, Campus tours take you round all the facilities that Edge Hill has I think that being able to look round the facilities that a University has gives you a better understanding of what to expect when you get here.

Edge Hill has a wide range of facilities so hard to explain all in a blog from a Tv Studio to 24 hour access computer building.

The next Campus tour is on Wednesday 4th January 2012 more info can be found at the following link  http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/events/2012/01/04/campus-tour

Also If you didn’t get a chance to come to the open day but would like to find out about the university accommodation then follow this http://blogs.edgehill.ac.uk/hannahoneill/2011/11/20/open-day/ as she did accommodation tours and there is a link to more information in her blog.

Next Open Day is in June sure time will go really fast it 3 weeks till Christmas and it feels like this term just started.

See you soon Christopher x

L:39 Radio does Children in Need

Today is Children and Need and in a slight twist to previous years L:39 took centre stage today and hosted events live from the hub.

People dug deep and raised an awful lot of money for a BRILLIANT cause.  The total is currently standing at £411.79! before sponsorship money has been collected.  Latest as of midnight over £600

£116.23 of that total was raised solely by Edge Hill Staff. I decided to take a bucket around department offices and got an awful lot more than I ever expected so big Thank you from me for your generosity.

News on all the events run are below

Sponsored Men’s Leg Waxing – Here at L;39 Radio, we have quite a few hairy members of the team, so we decided what better excuse to give them a clean up than Children in Need! The event went well with several of the team stepping up to be waxed by our female presenters.

Promise Auction – You may be asking what a promise action is we had several good ones from a slap up 3 course meal to a fire show from our team just shows what a mix of people we have at this university. The promise auction managed to raise about £50

The Boy Band Tribute –  The Highlight of the day was the final Finale with 3 members of our team strutting there stuff to several cheesy pop songs. We even managed to get the hub clapping and singing along.

That’s all from me Open Day tomorrow 🙂 Nightx



Remembrance Day

Photo of Poppy logo from the Royal British LegionHello Followers I am back again with a short blog on the 11th November 2011

A really touching moment happened today everybody around Edge Hill stopped to mark Armistice Day. In the newly built Hub people came out of there offices and stopped and stood by the big screen to mark there respects. Its touching to see people marking there respects to the lives that were lost in the first and second world war and others.

L:39 Edge Hill Student Radio also stopped and marked the ocassion  with the Last Post playing before the minutes silence.

Today was also a special day as we witnessed an event that only happens every 100 years were the time day month and year all have the same number. 11:11 11/11/11

Can you hold out until November 2111 think you may need anti-aging pills now. If your not willing to wait? Try for 12/12/12 in December of 2012.


L:39 Radio

Hello followers,

L:39 Student Radio LogoI am back again with some exciting news about being given a slot on L:39 Student Radio. Yes i am now a presenter strange never thought i would end up talking and playing songs to lots of listeners. My first show started today and went really well. I am into such a range of music so my show went from Journey to the Lion King its a show of randomness after all.


Looking forward to next week my slot is between 3-6pm every Monday tune by clicking the link below


Water Main Pipe Burst

Things you see from your window thought i would follow events that have been happening since a water main pipe burst on St Helens Rd

Video Water Main Burst


Welcome to my Halloween Blog

Hello Followers,

The clocks have gone back and an creepy mist descends over the Lancashire plains. It must mean one thing its Halloween time. Students go all out for this calender event. We have had cake baking in the new student union by the cheerleading society. Several events at the Venue and in Ormskirk. and a Halloween Student Fest in Liverpool

Plenty to do in this area during Halloween and what did i do sadly stayed in to try and finish off an assignment due in tomorrow. But not long till Bonfire night.

The following are things that you can do to have fun this Halloween.

Halloween Carvings

Do something different this year Go wild for nature! WWF works in 100 countries to protect the future of nature.
For more than 45 years, World Wildlife Fund has been protecting the future of nature, the habitats of our precious animal species, and the rich ecosystems that support life. Pumpkin wildlife stencils are a available at the following address http://www.worldwildlife.org/sites/pumpkins/

Facebook Scare 

This is the scariest thing i have seen for a while makes you think about what you put on your facebook give it ago you have been warned http://www.takethislollipop.com/


My Halloween Mashup of Songs

Halloweeen(ChrisMashup) by SmileyCheddy

It was dark misty night over the fields of Lancashire. Several of my friends and I had decided to go for a walk to celebrate the night known to all as All Hallows Eve.  We decided to go for a walk and ended up at the local wood Ruff Wood  which had been closed for several years. The old sign said enter if you dare trespassers beware. Us being brave we decided to break the rules and enter what could really be that dangerous in a place like Ormskirk this was a decision we would later regret.

To be Continued soon …

Clocks Back

Hello Followers,

Yes Guys tonight is that night were we get an extra hour in bed or an extra hour to finish your Uni work due in today. 🙂 Its the first time I have been up and watched my laptop change from 2am back to 1am its a so weird its like the hour never existed. If you were up please comment what you got up to during this hour.


Summer Holiday (Trip to Florida)

Hello followers I am back again, Catching up with my life that’s happened recently the next of my blogs is on my Trip to Florida

Over the summer holidays i was lucky to go to Florida this year 🙂

This year we stayed in a Vila in a place called Rotonda situated in Englewood.

I always think looks like a gigantic crop circle. Had a great time saw the July the 4th Independence day celebrations haven’t seen fireworks so impressive anywhere before shows what you can do these days with computers and pyrotechnics.when you see an ariel overview apparently it can be seen from space.

Also during our stay we were lucky to go to a baseball game its like a jazzed up version of rounders i think and its entertainment for the whole family. pictures are included in my gallery below

Holiday Gallery