Dissertation Idea!

For my dissertation I have decided to investigate autism and language development. However I have now narrowed this wide area down and decided to look into the transition from primary to secondary school, comparing the experiences of autistic children and other children within their tutor classes. I am very excited to start my placement within a school in October and I am very interested to see what the findings of my study are, as this is an area in which I am very interested in and may even be a future career.

Amazing Time At T In The Park

In last weeks blog I mentioned how I would be heading off to T In The Park the next day, and how I was hoping for sunshine and not rain. It was sunny for the first two days so we started to think we had been lucky with the weather, but then the rain started for the next three days and we ended up swimming in mud and our tent being surrounded by a swamp, but this didn’t spoil anything about the festival it was still amazing, with snow patrol stealing the show in my opinion. However none of the acts were a disappointment and I enjoyed every minute of my first festival experience and would definately go again! I will upload some pictures soon, to show our muddy surroundings and some of the acts.

T In The Park!!

Tomorrow I will be heading off to Scotland for T In the Park, So this weeks blog is only going to be a short one, but next week I will be writing all about the events and acts in TITP and will upload some pictures for you all to see! Hopefully the rain will stop soon and we won’t be swimming in mud when we arrive!