Queens Diamond Jubilee.. Let the celebrations begin!

In last weeks blog I mentioned the lovely weather and although it lasted for a good few days, surprise surprise less than a week¬†later the rain has appeared once again ūüôĀ¬†I also mentioned about attending soccer aid last Sunday,this was a great¬†match and was played for a great cause UNICEF, I would definitely recommend anyone to attend this match that¬†happens every two years, which would be very easy to do if you studied at Edge Hill as it is only a short train or car journey away! This weekend¬†however is¬†the celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, so I hope everyone¬†enjoys their weekend!!

Summer Has Arrived :)

Finally our summer has arrived, the lovely weather this week has made me very excited for the next few months off uni, just hope the sun stays around for most of it and it doesn’t disappear back into rain clouds!! I especially hope that¬†the sun¬†stays for Sunday as I am going to watch soccer aid in Manchester, which is another advantage of studying at Edge Hill as you are so close to cities! I will¬†fill you all in next week about the events of soccer aid and lets see if the weather stays the same for next week… fingers crossed!!

Dissertation Allocation

Today I got my final allocation for my dissertation on studying the language development of children and studying children with autism. I am looking forward to beginning this over the summer as I have always been interested in studying children with special needs and this is finally my opportunity to do so. Educational psychology has also been of interest to me, and is one of the main reasons why I chose to study psychology at degree level.




Summer Begins!

This week I have been packing up all my uni room ready to go home for the summer. I’m sure most of you are looking forward to the summer beginning with exams finishing and some of you heading off to university in September. I hope you all have a lovely summer and that you enjoy the adventures of university life that are ahead of you,¬†especially¬†if you are attending Edge Hill!

End of Second Year

This week has been very busy with the handing in of assignments before second year comes to a close for me on Thursday. It has gone way too fast and I have enjoyed every aspect of being at university once again, and I have¬†thoroughly enjoyed studying second year psychology as it has provided a more in depth look into the¬†issues¬†surrounding different psychological debates and issues, and even gave you a chance to design your own community¬†initiative. I am already looking forward to what’s to come in September as we have had the option to chose the areas in which we would like to focus on within the future, and have a¬†dissertation¬†topic to investigate. These are all the different aspects of psychology you would have to look forward to if you are intending to come to Edge Hill in September.