Psychological Report

For anyone that is looking at studying the area of psychology at degree level, then you may find this blog of interest especially if you are looking to study it at Edge Hill University. As part of a  second year assignment we were asked to complete a qualitative report, so that’s anything from interviews to open ended questions used within questionnaires. This had to investigate the experiences of students while going through university, so this could be anything from exam stress, to financial issues or even asking mature students how they find the university experience.  I chose to explore the issue of student experiences with binge drinking as this is a major and very relevent issue with students at the moment, I have found this issue very very interesting to explore further and even got to interview students to see what they felt their experiences with alcohol were. Hopefully this has given anyone who is hoping to take up a degree in a psychology a little insight into some of the assignments we have to complete.

Last Night Of The Bar!!

Tonight is known to most students as “last night of the bar”, this is where most of the socials get together on the Thursday before the university finishes for the Easter break. However it is not just people that are involved with sports socials that go out, it is a good opportunity for a get together as it is seen to be the last chance for people to meet up before going home for a couple of weeks. It is one of the busiest nights in Ormskirk with most people heading out at around 3pm for the rest of the night, and it is definitely not a night to be missed!! So i would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of attending the University next year!!

Finding Journal Articles.

This week I thought I would write a blog about finding journal articles, as this was one of the things I found difficult at first when I was given my first couple of assignments at University. When I first started looking round Universities one of the guides told me to start trying to find journal articles over the summer to get the hang of it before starting University, but I never really took any notice of this advise and I really wish I had now. Journal articles are useful for university assignments and going about finding them was something I found difficult at first. Edge Hill library has a vast range of online journals, which are very easy to use and find. Google scholar is also another useful resource to use. So I would definitely recommend having a quick look online different sorts of journals, any that may interest you as this will be very useful for when you begin university for most of you in September.

Hope this has been helpful 🙂

Student Meals :)

Tonight, I have prepared a meal for me and my housemate. This is one of the few times since coming to Uni that I have actually prepared a meal from scratch, as normally I cook frozen food such as chicken nuggets and chips. Tonight I decided to make Quorn Fajitas as my friend is a vegetarian with salad and garlic bread, it was all lovely (even if I do say so myself). Cooking for yourself for the first time when coming to Uni is a very scary prospect, I know it was for me as I was used to my family cooking meals for me, but do not worry you do get the hang of it and end up cooking all together in groups with your friends and housemates. You may even end up giving your family a shock by cooking for them when you visit home. I know I did when I went home and cooked for mine!


Edge Hill has just started the SSHH campaign, this is one of the many volunteering opportunities they offer; the aim of this is to keep students quiet on the way back from the pubs and clubs in Ormskirk, or students returning home from the SU. Students can volunteer to take part. I started volunteering for this scheme this week and would definitely recommend any future students of Edge Hill to take part within this, as it will look great on your CV when you finish University. I know your probably all thinking I haven’t even started University yet I don’t need to be thinking about volunteering in my first year. I thought exactly the same, but as I’m coming towards the end of my second year, I wish I had taken part in a lot more things sooner. If you are looking into studying psychology then I would definitely recommend you take part within this, and even if you are not wanting to study psychology this scheme is open to everyone and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to study at Edge Hill to find out a bit more about this when attending in September.