Still House Hunting :(

After the housing list came out last week, we have rang the entire list twice, rang all the property companies around the Ormskirk area and have even started looking outside of Ormskirk just to try and find some accommodation for next year. However it is still not looking good, as we have been unsuccessful in all of these routes. So if you know anyone looking for two housemates then we would be very grateful!! I would also like to wish everyone else that is still looking for accommodation like us the very best of luck in their search.

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House Hunting Nightmare!!

Hi Everyone,

With all students returning back to Uni this week, I thought that the first week back would be quite a relaxed one. However the house hunting list was released to all Edge Hill students yesterday. Me and my housemates got up early thinking we would be able to get a few viewings of student houses in Ormskirk. As there are only three of us wanting to share a house, we thought that this processes would be easy and we would find a house that we liked pretty easily, as this is what happened last year, but little did we know that all the houses would have already gone. So we spend from 9-12.30 going through the entire list with only three viewings, unfortunately none of these turned out to be successful. So hopefully we can find a house soon, and I would also like to wish everyone else who is searching for accommodation the very best of luck, in finding a house.

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January Blues!!

I don’t know about everyone else but I am starting to feel the January blues, with everyone returning back to work, school and college. People having to sit exams throughout January, this seems to be one of the longest months within the year. However I am looking forward to seeing what Semester 2 brings when it begins next week, and to see what else is in store throughout 2012. Again I would like to wish anyone who is sitting exams at the moment the very best of luck.

 Thanks Again For Reading!!

Exam Season !!

I just want to start by saying hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas followed by a great new year and have enjoyed the festive break. However its that time, at the beginning of the year that every students dreads, exam season. With my new year starting with sitting an exam on the 3rd January which was a bit of a shock after the last couple of weeks relaxing at home with the family and of course fitting in the revision I needed too. I just wanted to finish by wishing anyone who is sitting exams the very best of luck.  

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