Happy New Year!!

Its that time of the year again where everyone’s thinking of their new year resolutions and the things they are going to change throughout 2012, most people don’t end up sticking to these even to the end of January let alone throughout the entire year!! I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck throughout 2012 and hope everyone has had a great 2011.


Thanks for reading 🙂

Home Sweet Home!!!!

Its that exciting time of year again when students are packing up ready to return home from University to start the Christmas celebrations! This week my friends and me went to a lovely restaurant in Ormskirk for a three course Christmas dinner, then onto a cocktail bar and out into Ormskirk. This was a really good evening and really got the Christmas celebrations started!!! The quality of the meal was lovely and was a really good value for money with all three courses only coming to £10; the table was beautifully decorated with Christmas crackers. I would definitely recommend anyone else who is thinking of going out for a Christmas dinner with friends to go for it, as it was a very enjoyable evening 🙂


Thanks again for reading !!!

Happy House Hunting !!!

Its that time of the year again for second and third years to start looking for housing within Ormskirk and the surrounding areas. After me and my housemates finding a really nice 6-bedroom house quite close to University, we have decided to go separate ways with people having placements and commuting from home. So we need to start the house hunting again. I would advise anyone who is looking for a house to start now, as all the good houses get selected very early, I know it seems very early to be starting to consider who you are living with next year but all the houses do go early, so happy house hunting!!

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Advent Action

The 1st December has finally arrived, so its time to get them advent calendars opened!! The festive season is here at last!! Last Friday the Ormskirk lights got turned on by Black Lace (the singers of agadoo) it had a great family feeling with stalls and rides lining the streets of Ormskirk. The lights and the Christmas tree are very festive and you can definitely feel the Christmas buzz now!!

Thanks again for reading :)!!