Manchester Masks !!!

Last weekend, I went to Manchester with a few of my housemates to celebrate my Mothers birthday with her and her friends. Manchester is very close to Ormskirk and always gives a good night out. The theme for her birthday celebrations was a masquerade ball. Everyone wore long maxi dresses with different styles and coloured masks. Everyone looked incredible, the weekend was fantastic, and everyone had an amazing time. I would definitely recommend Manchester to anybody for a great night out!!!

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog 🙂 !!!

Feels like Christmas!!

Last weekend I went into Liverpool with a few of my housemates, to do a bit of Christmas shopping. When we got to Liverpool it put us even more in the Christmas mood with all the Xmas lights around the city. There was even a busy ice-skating rink and a lot of different Christmas market stalls, selling a variety of Christmas cake. This made us even more exited for Christmas than we already were. I would definitely recommend anyone, who loves Christmas to go and see these lights and it definitely does put you into the festive spirit.   

Thanks again for reading!


Recognise the face!!

This week I have been conducting my first ever group psychological study, where we got to choose how we actually carried out the research. My group chose to investigate the topic area of facial recognition. We had to think about how we would approach this topic, and how we were actually going to measure the results. This has been a very exciting experience and it has given me a real insight into how thrilling conducting a real research project can be!!

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Spooktacular !!!

Hi again everyone,

As everyone knows Monday was the spooky event of Halloween. I mentioned in my last blog about a Halloween party I was attending last Thursday. I have included some pictures that were taken from that night, our pumpkin and me and my flatmates in our Halloween outfits. My flatmates and me had a very different halloween experience this year, as we are no longer on campus and in a house in Ormskirk. We decorated the house and bought lots of sweets in ready for the trick or treaters. There were a lot of events going on in Ormskirk and everyone looked brilliant in their spooky costumes, in fact I don’t think I saw anyone that wasn’t dressed up. We spent our Halloween in a bar in Ormskirk called Mustard and had an amazing Halloween. I will be writing another blog again very soon!!

Thanks for reading.