Charlotte’s Blog- Graduation

This week I graduated and I now officially have a BSC (HONS) in Psychology after my name 😀  All the hard work has paid off in the end!! My time at Edge Hill has been the best three years of my life. I have met so many lovely people and wish I could stay there for longer as I feel like it is second home and family now!

Graduation was filled with mixed emotions: I was sad as it would be by last time on the Edge Hill campus and with my course friends, I was nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was happy that all my hard work over the past three had paid off and that my family could be part of such a special day! This day had to be one of the best and proudest ones of my life to date. Edge Hill put on a brilliant ceremony and everyone had a fantastic day!

I will upload some pictures from this very special day soon 😀 Hope everyone’s having a lovely Summer and those of you awaiting to start at Edge Hill I’m sure you are going to love every single minute of your time there!

Welcome :)

The madness of fresher’s week is over!!! It was a hectic one with lots of activities going on such as a silent disco, UV paint party, the normal sports socials and special guest appearances! I hope all the new students enjoyed it all anyone who is just started to look at universities for next year (I know it seems so far away but it will so be here!) it was a brilliant fresher’s week, I should know as I was in with all the action as a fresher’s week volunteer, which I loved and would recommend any students to give this a go!  I hope all the new students are settling in well and loving the new experience of university life made even more special by studying at Edge Hill University.

Nine Days To Go…

We are now in the single figures of the countdown; Just nine days to go till the events of fresher’s week begin! This year I am volunteering to help out with the fresher’s week so I will hopefully see you all around the buzzing campus. There are lots of activities going on throughout the week and I’m sure you are all going to love it! So make sure you take advantage of the variety of activities as this is a great way of meeting new people that may become friends for life throughout your university experience. Remember if you need any help or advise or you are feeling lost around the campus then there are people around so do not be afraid to ask.

Buzz of Excitement!

The countdown is now getting even shorter with only a few weeks to go before the University will be buzzing with the vibes of new students. Everyone will be getting excited with fresher’s week soon approaching! I know I am and I’m going into third year in September, the feeling of excitement when returning back to university has always been the same for me. I’m even more excited now as I picked up my accommodation keys and moved some stuff into my new accommodation on Saturday; it made me want to move back even more! Hope your all feeling the excitement too especially if you are a new student in September.

September Is Soon Approaching!

Everyone will have received their A Level results by now, so I hope you all are pleased with your results and are on the countdown to the start of your Edge Hill University life, and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to return to University in September and I hope you all feel the same too!


Whitby & The Countdown To September!

Last week, I wrote about the trip to Birmingham I had just been on and a future trip to Whitby, which I have just arrived back from. It was a great holiday, although the weather wasn’t always that great, which was unfortunate. I just thought I would write a quick blog not I have returned and will upload a few pictures in the next few days :). I will then return to the blogs about being prepared for September! As the countdown to the start date of University life has begun!!

Trips Away!!

I haven’t managed to write a blog in a while as I’ve been away for a few days. I took a trip to Birmingham this week to visit my friend from Uni who lived in my halls in first year. This is one of the great things about meeting friends from all over the country and the world, you get to visit places that you have never visited before. I had a grat time in Birmingham and it is a city that I have never visited before. This weekend I am also off to Whitby, for a week so hopefully the weather will be nice. I will write all about it when I get back next week.

Dissertation Idea!

For my dissertation I have decided to investigate autism and language development. However I have now narrowed this wide area down and decided to look into the transition from primary to secondary school, comparing the experiences of autistic children and other children within their tutor classes. I am very excited to start my placement within a school in October and I am very interested to see what the findings of my study are, as this is an area in which I am very interested in and may even be a future career.

Amazing Time At T In The Park

In last weeks blog I mentioned how I would be heading off to T In The Park the next day, and how I was hoping for sunshine and not rain. It was sunny for the first two days so we started to think we had been lucky with the weather, but then the rain started for the next three days and we ended up swimming in mud and our tent being surrounded by a swamp, but this didn’t spoil anything about the festival it was still amazing, with snow patrol stealing the show in my opinion. However none of the acts were a disappointment and I enjoyed every minute of my first festival experience and would definately go again! I will upload some pictures soon, to show our muddy surroundings and some of the acts.