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I'm an English Literature student at Edge Hill University, employed to shout out about the course, campus and University life as well as to help prospective (and current) students. So if you have a question, drop a comment.


People have started returning to uni! Soon everyone will be back and it will be time to start writing again… Which isn’t so fun but everyone will be back so I can cope. I’m tired. They should all come back now.

Looming deadlines

September is well and truly upon us, and in just a few weeks uni will resume and a whole year of new faces will replace the ones that have just left.
Considering how shellshocked I feel about this, especially in my house and considering next year it will be ‘us’ leaving, i’ve always wondered how tutors feel about it. They only have three short years with each massive intake of students, yet the slightest offhand comment from them could be just the right thing to make a difference to someone’s degree. Not in a ‘tutor’s words are gospel’ sense but in a ‘you will have to listen to these people every week for an hour for 3 years’ kind of way. Yet for them it must seem odd, slightly pointless even, to make an effort to know students sometimes. After all the group they interact with changes every year, so I guess musing on this topic has given me a small nugget of advice (and nostalgia); if you happen to have a tutor who actually connects with you and makes an effort be sure to listen to them, and if others seem cold well just think about how they’ve lost a group of people after 3 years and are about to lose another one, regardless of the fact that lovely people come to replace them.
This headache seems to be making me write sad things, so back to bed. Be good!

It’s a stressful life for us…

So since my last post I have been looking like mad for a second job while trying to work on a gallery space (i have a meeting to finalise terms tomorow!) and playing Guild Wars 2 with the Edge Hill crew! It’s a lot of work (even if some of it is fun. A lot of fun) so lets keep it short before I go back to this application form.
Freshers week! Will you be there?
I won’t. Not letting you lot make me sick when I have a dissertation to do! Did I forget to mention I was working on that? Back to it then… Chow!

Finally back!

After moving, not having internet, getting a phone with internet but getting locked out of the uni system and being too busy moving again and sorting out real internet to sort it out, then being occupied sorting out things for next year and nearly forgetting despite being on campus I am finally back! What has been so far a hectic summer of mad running back and forth, packing and unpacking, reminiscing and planning the last major event is nearly upon me. I am talking, of course, about oggcamp! This year hosted at John Moores University in Liverpool and with a special message from Stephen Fry it looks to be even better than last year.
But what is oggcamp I hear you ask? Oggcamp is an unconferance (their phrasing not mine, bear with me) of all things open source, if you’re confused by that term the Firefox web browser is an open source project as is Android for phones. Free, legal, open software which allows you to have a look at the code behind it an edit it how you like. It’s wonderful cause and so a weekend of talks about what’s new and upcoming is just great.
One more item of nerdy business before I have something to show you, Guild Wars 2. Buy it, play it, love it, and join the Edge Hill guild we’re going to be setting up. If you don’t know what that is despite reading my other blogs look it up. Now.
Welcome back. Excited? Good me too. The last thing for tonight, I have been painting and selling in Ormskirk so i’m going to upload some pictures for you!




There we go, pretties and a rant. Now i’m out it’s definitely bedtime! Chow darlings.

Another long gap

It’s been a very busy few weeks once again…But this weekend is a sad and special occasion.

Tomorrow the halls at Edge Hill campus are vacated, and this means my darling Joseph will be leaving and returning home. I will miss him dearly, and look forward to his return come September! But for now a question that has been on our minds; what do you do once you have a degree?

Not everyone has a clear plan, and perspectives change as you go through your degree, meet new people and discover new areas that interest you. Edge Hill do have information and help available to help you make a decision, however their hand guides have something lacking this year…

Using myself as an example, ideally I want to do a job that will keep me interested, make use of my analytical or creative skills (better if both) and have the opportunity to access post-graduate study at a later date. None of the careers offered in the handbook fit this description, but I know from research that a job in Heritage, Culture, Government Service, or a graduate program with a specific company would be a good bet.

I guess the message here is use what is provide for you but don’t rely on the university to direct you, if something takes your fancy look it up yourself, call or email employers, sign up to Prospects (the government website for students). There can even be opportunities around while you do a degree, it’s just a case of looking and finding however demoralising it can be.

Food for thought in the run up to September, and now I have to run so chow!


So today was the first meeting with my dissertation tutor, Peter Wright, and what a wonderful day it is!

Now I have free reign to begin researching and whittling down the information that I’ve already gathered, so it’s time to record some playthroughs of the games on my list! Watch this space if I can I’ll put up a snippet for you guys…

Gotta run, many hours of fun ahead!

Woah it’s been a while!

But second year is over! And I’m already neck deep in exciting research for my dissertation!

Did you know that there are a whole heap of video games based entirely on the work of H.P. Lovecraft? You know, aside from the fact that nearly all horror FPSs rely so heavily on his ideas that it’s almost laughable… Anyway, I did know a few, but now I’ve found a list of all of them by accident! So the number of games I have to play through and make notes on over the Summer has rocketed and I couldn’t be happier!

Excitable post over, but this is so very interesting… Must read through ‘Pickman’s Model’ before my next blog… But for now, the modules I have chosen for next year should make for some interesting reading. Science Fiction and Gothic Romanticism are my choices and the two core modules for third year are Victorian Literature and Modernism.

All the excitement of another year of studies and none of the workload! Who doesn’t love Summer?

We have a problem…

One very handy thing about Edge Hill is that you can do a dyslexia test for free, with a consultation to discuss everything involved in it. And you can book an appointment within a few days of going the Ask desk in the Library.

This all came about for the same reason that I have been absent for so long, I forgot my password for the University online system and due to the Easter break couldn’t get to the Library to reset the password! One thing that any of you that are now going to be at Edge Hill come September should know that I didn’t is that there is a number on the back of your student card that you can ring to sort these problems out without going to the Library in person. Shiny right?

On the same topic, the SIC team at Edge Hill are incredibly helpful and will sort out most problems that you have while studying here… They’re a first port of call for any distressed student.

A particularly grounded blog from me, but what can I say I’m knackered… Still have 4 assignments and 3 exams to go before summer!

All of the options…

Or not. Today I decided what modules to take next year, which is always a frustrating process… However, here’s what I settled on;

Victorian Literature (compulsory, and self-explanatory)

Make it New (compulsory, focusing on modernism in texts)

Science Fiction (self explanatory but looks really interesting, and I won’t have to buy any books because they’re all on the shelf I posted a picture of!)

Gothic Romanticism (focusing on the start of the Gothic as we know it today, with a fantastic reading list)

Other than that you’ve seen my dissertation plans (so much fun still) and Victorian Gothicism looked fascinating but unfortunately clashes with the Romantic kind of Gothic. Which is a real shame since the reading list includes The Picture of Dorian Gray and Jekyll and Hyde!

Anyway, lots too look forward to and little to lament… Read over Easter. Read lots.


Firstly, I shall explain my absence… The dissertation deadline creeps ever closer, and living in a house with third years, a poor wireless connection, and the only ethernet cable in the house there are sacrifices to be made. Which suck. Mostly because it means there is no facebook to see who’s going in for lectures (and then laugh at them, because it was 6am and I had a fever so was compelled to stay in bed). So there’s that issue put to bed… When someone’s doing a dissertation and it’s due in less than two weeks from now you do everything you can to not be murdered.

Now, elections! In all honesty I’m not sure if the rule about being unbiased in these matters is still in effect, after all you can’t vote in the elections yet anyway. But, the results are in. Gareth is your Vice President of Arts and Sciences. Some interesting facts that are not biased but presented in exactly the way that I found them;

1. Gareth played to the Sports student vote, who yes, bizarrely, come under the same faculty as us bookworms.

2. His major advertising ploy was his beard or lack thereof in a sequence of pictures.

3. When asked directly by a group of non-sporting English students what he would do for them, should they vote him in, replied with the words “I cannot cater for 27,000 students”.

Be afraid children.

At this point I should probably mention that I was on Rob Witchuch’s campaign team… The best and most creative team… But people are artistic plebs and didn’t vote for him. Boo. However, this does mean I am undeniably bitter and biased… Sorry dudes.