Looming deadlines

September is well and truly upon us, and in just a few weeks uni will resume and a whole year of new faces will replace the ones that have just left.
Considering how shellshocked I feel about this, especially in my house and considering next year it will be ‘us’ leaving, i’ve always wondered how tutors feel about it. They only have three short years with each massive intake of students, yet the slightest offhand comment from them could be just the right thing to make a difference to someone’s degree. Not in a ‘tutor’s words are gospel’ sense but in a ‘you will have to listen to these people every week for an hour for 3 years’ kind of way. Yet for them it must seem odd, slightly pointless even, to make an effort to know students sometimes. After all the group they interact with changes every year, so I guess musing on this topic has given me a small nugget of advice (and nostalgia); if you happen to have a tutor who actually connects with you and makes an effort be sure to listen to them, and if others seem cold well just think about how they’ve lost a group of people after 3 years and are about to lose another one, regardless of the fact that lovely people come to replace them.
This headache seems to be making me write sad things, so back to bed. Be good!

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