Another long gap

It’s been a very busy few weeks once again…But this weekend is a sad and special occasion.

Tomorrow the halls at Edge Hill campus are vacated, and this means my darling Joseph will be leaving and returning home. I will miss him dearly, and look forward to his return come September! But for now a question that has been on our minds; what do you do once you have a degree?

Not everyone has a clear plan, and perspectives change as you go through your degree, meet new people and discover new areas that interest you. Edge Hill do have information and help available to help you make a decision, however their hand guides have something lacking this year…

Using myself as an example, ideally I want to do a job that will keep me interested, make use of my analytical or creative skills (better if both) and have the opportunity to access post-graduate study at a later date. None of the careers offered in the handbook fit this description, but I know from research that a job in Heritage, Culture, Government Service, or a graduate program with a specific company would be a good bet.

I guess the message here is use what is provide for you but don’t rely on the university to direct you, if something takes your fancy look it up yourself, call or email employers, sign up to Prospects (the government website for students). There can even be opportunities around while you do a degree, it’s just a case of looking and finding however demoralising it can be.

Food for thought in the run up to September, and now I have to run so chow!

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