I think there might be something wrong with English students you know.

Love songs echo through laptop speakers everywhere you go, when a man is standing on the rooftop and just visible through a skylight in the lecture hall the eyes of every female student follow them, attractive or not…

Maybe it’s all the Romantic and Courtly Love poetry they make us read, but we’ve become a lugubrious lot. Then again, maybe it’s the 70:30 ratio of women to men at Edge Hill Uni.

Male potential students, this is a plea from the deprived women of the English department! Come to Edge Hill! Please?

For the lolz, laters.

5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I agree! and if you could arrange for somebody to ship them in, I’d specifically like:

    rugged dark hair, tall, tattoos, musically talented.. and sarcastic!


    • That would be ideal, mature students preferred… But I’m thinking of the new ladies arriving come next September!

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