Traveling – Student Bane

I know I promised a blog about why English Literature is so great at Edge Hill, but something else has occurred to me.

Traveling. This is a massive part of student life, as well as one of the most irritating things you will have to do on a regular basis. I live 5 hours travel from Ormskirk which is father than most students have to go admittedly, but it does give me a good perspective to offer some travel tips.

First, pack light. The best thing to do here is try and get your folks at home to keep toiletries and such in stock so you don’t have to carry all those bottles. This way you just need to take clothes and ladies can fit everything in a large handbag. Which is just shiny.

Secondly, do check when trains are leaving. National Rail have a feature that tells you when trains are delayed or canceled, which is always helpful.

Thirdly and finally, always keep your ticket in your pocket or somewhere handy. Once you hit Merseyside annoying officials will ask for it at every opportunity. You don’t want to miss a train because they won’t let up, it’s been known to happen.

‘Til next time fancy folk!

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