Week off! Oh, wait…

It’s reading week, so curl up somewhere warm and get going!

No, I'm not really going to read all of these in a week... Already read most of them.Reading week is perhaps the most under-appreciated of bones that English students are thrown. Traditionally students will glance at the work that they have to do in the next few months, refuse to consider how many books this will require them to read and spend the first reading week of the year recovering from Halloween hangovers.

I, however, shall glance at the work I have to do in the next few months, run a quick calculation of how many books this will require, decide I can do it in a few days and read much more interesting books. Most of the books in this picture are extremely good, so consider this a recommended list! Except Stephen Donaldson, he’s rubbish.

We’re all a bad example though, and will probably all justly fail. On the other hand… Julian May is more to my taste than Shakespeare. Also, reading things not related to the course will make you a well rounded person and keep you sane (ish, this is a Literature course after all).

Next time, a look at the best thing about an English degree at Edge Hill Uni! Are you excited? You should be.

Rock/read on.