Summer is almost over!

I’m having mixed feelings about going back to Ormskirk.
As most students do.
Not particularly looking forward to being away from the other half, but CANT WAIT to be back in my own space and being surrounded by my uni friendlings.

This year is going to be intense. But I have promised myself I will work hard.

It is a scary time for those of you starting university this year.
Lots of packing, deciding what to bring.
I like my comfort, so my room is full of unnecessary things that make me feel at home, although.. significantly hinders the packing process.
I’d advise you all to bring essentials. No one (except me) needs 40 pairs of shoes.
And although you may read a fair few novels, I can honestly say, I haven’t successfully read one since starting uni. There just isn’t time. Leave them at home to read over summer.

I cant really think of anything else to advise this week, I’m quite poorly.

Enjoy packing 🙂


If anyone was at the open day, I hope you enjoyed the free food.. which I couldn’t eat.. because I was at my post.. In my fluorescent yellow vest.. being helpful.. or at least acting the part.

Aside from my resentment regarding free food, today seemed to go really well.
The campus looked all pretty and shiny in the sun, and everyone seemed impressed.
If you missed out on the open day.. shame on you.

I was working with the accommodation team for students who have been rejected for on campus accommodation, and that will be continuing next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are struggling to find accommodation, PLEASE come and see us, places run out fast.

If you were here today, you will probably have had a one to one meeting with the head of Law (Franco Rizzuto) to explain more about the course.
I popped in to hassle him for postgraduate information, he seemed happy to see me, and encouraged me to make more of an effort next year. Normally, I would be offended, but he is right.. I didn’t try.
Its really nice to have a head of department who knows his students individually and encourages you when he believes you are capable of more.
Its a quality that every lecturer I have been taught by possesses.

VERY proud of EHU today!


Pre-semester stress.

Back from holiday.
A lovely week of watch my family attempt hill walking, with frequent complaints from my sister.

Now I’m quite stressed about my third year.
The pressure is on to graduate with a high 2.i at least.
I’m trying to read up on a few things in preparation, but I’ve become far too lazy to really commit to summer revision. I miss being productive.

I have found out that I am helping with the accommodation for first year students between the 17th and the 22nd of August..
So if (like me) you didn’t qualify for halls, we will be helping you find off campus accommodation across Ormskirk and the surrounding villages.
If you are at this event and have any questions for me, please ask.
I’m really not as scary as I look.

Hope to see a few of you next week

Cat x

Preparing for your Law degree

The only advice i can offer this week is..
make sure you pack an umbrella and carry it at all times.
I can guarantee, if its boiling hot everywhere else in the country. Ormskirk will have snow.

Also, don’t panic about having your course books in advance, the Law department tend to put together a package for first and second years, which is available from blackwells in the University library (which has been revamped lately, and looks pretty awesome).

There isn’t much you will need in preparation for your law degree, but if you are bored over the summer, you could read up on the court system and which cases go to which court etc. It will help when reading cases.

Practising reading at high speed and pulling out all relevant information is also a skill worth developing. I’ve found that I can now skim a novel in around half hour to an hour and get a complete grasp of it. Its really beneficial when confronted with 40 pages of Judges speeches.
Also, learning how to distinguish between the ratio decidendi and the obiter dicta will save you some time. YES.. your seminar tutors will sometimes deliberately ask you to identify each part of the judgment, especially in your first year, as it is a year for developing your analytical and academic writing skills.
It all sounds quite complex and scary.
And it is at times, even after two years of studying here.
But, breathe.. take my advice.. prepare.. it will all fall into place if you WORK HARD ^___^

Enjoy your summer.. if any sun appears!

Cat x

Lazy week.

[I should be thinking about my dissertation.
I’m sure, subconsciously, I have been figuring out what I want to write..

In reality, I’ve been sat on various friend’s sofas for two week, eating dominos and watching films.

Now would be the time that you are thinking about your course and what it will involve etc..
I’ve had a few people tracking me down on facebook to ask questions.
As much as i love you all for reading this, I’m not supposed to respond through my personal profile. So if you do have any questions regarding the course or uni life in general, please comment me on here or email my university address.

I will be available all summer to answer any questions, unless i’m on holiday or the inevitable happens and my awful driving finally results in a life threatening injury that forces me to be away from all form of technology.

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer, see you all in September!

Cat x

Being away from uni is boring!

So, now download is over and the excitement has died down, I’m SO bored.

All i’ve done this week is knit, drink tea and annoy my other half.
Its nice to have a break from uni, but im struggling to find things to do.

I remember my first few months were awful, all i wanted to do was go home and never ever leave my parents again. And that is coming from a girl who has always been very independent.
Now when i’m with my family, all i want to do is be in Ormskirk with my friendlings.

As you are all aware, the first week back is freshers week.
I will be on the freshers team, which means I will be floating around wearing a brightly coloured shirt and herding you all to the events.

If you do have any questions about the course, or university life in general, PLEASE don’t be shy, come and find me. If you cant find me, ask one of the other wonderfully cheerful people in bright shirts where you might be able to locate me.
I’m happy to answer any questions I can. or point you in the right direction if I cant.

This freshers is going to be awesome, and it will be my last one. *Cries*
SO.. i hope you are all accepted to Edge Hill! If you are.. BUY A FRESHERS WRISTBAND! And we shall make sure you have a fantastic time 🙂

Being away from uni is boring. Cant wait to go back to Ormskirk next week.. even if its only for a few days

Ive had nothing to do here, so ive resorted to knitting baby shoes and reading articles for my dissertation. I should probably look for some summer work.

Im not sure when the exam results are going to be released. Im trying not to think about it, i have a feeling i will need to resit European Law. I had a complete mental block during that exam. Hoping for the best though!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun. Warm weather makes me moody.. roll on autumn 🙂

All my assignment grades are in!

Today I received my final assignment grade for the year..


75! 😀

Finally got the first! which means 40% of my property grade (two assignments) currently puts my grade for the module at 70. If I do well in the exam, it may be an overall first ^_^

In all this year I’ve had 68, 65, 65, 52, 55, 55, 75.
Not feeling great about getting 3 2.2’s. But i think my exam performance for equity may be enough to bring it close to a 2.1 for that module.
I’m hoping to pull put an overall first in EU and property, and hopefully a midrange 2.1 in criminal.
If i manage that it would put this entire year at a 65. I really need it to be thereabouts.

Other than insane exam stress, life has been fairly normal in Ormskirk, its getting quieter by the day as people finish their exams and go home.
There are ACTUAL spaces to  park in my street for once!

I am.. exhausted, so that is all the updates i have for now.
Hope to see lots of law freshers after the summer!! 🙂

Brain capacity = FULL

Exams begin next week!
I have Equity and Criminal first, i’m dreading it.

I have received two terrible grades this week, both 55.
I am beyond miserable about it, but decided to use my anger towards myself as motivation for revision.
Today’s library sesh consisted of murder and constructive manslaughter, probably the only criminal topics i know inside out.
At least i have learned something this year.. what will happen to me should I snap and kill someone. Which, after such an awful few weeks, started to feel inevitable.

I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of year, knowing i have a few months to allow my brain to regenerate before another year of extreme brain cell abuse.

I must get back to making case cards!

Cat x