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Introduction and background to the bureau

West Wiltshire Wide CAB is in rural Wiltshire covering the former district of West Wiltshire. We have 5 market towns and a large rural area. 7.2% of our clients are from a non white British background. Our main office is in the county town of Trowbridge. Trowbridge has a diverse population with the largest Moroccan community outside London. Like many areas in 2007 we had an increased population of Polish Migrant workers. We have a main office and three outreaches. We have an LSC contract in Welfare Benefits and a FIF contract. We have a contract with Wiltshire Council to provide advice to the BAME community. We have also had funding for a Community Development worker to work with BAME groups. We  produced a Guide to Wiltshire in Polish, recruited information leaflets to employers, and recruited Polish volunteers and interpreters. We also ran a course on how to be a Community Interpreter with a qualification.

The approach you adopted to mainstreaming race discrimination advice and why.

The money we have had has only ever been short term so we have carried out training on diversity awareness, discrimination advice and place regular training as a standard part of our training programme.

What difference has the project made

The original funding from Carnegie has helped us with initial training and to plan a development programme to improve our work. It has also lead to other funding.

What is the role of community development in the project

Having a Community Development Officer has been an essential part of the project. This worker has had time to develop links with community groups, set up focus groups, design  publicity and research need and demand for advice.

What is the role of partnerships within the project

The work has involved us in new partnerships with Police, Fire and Health. This has lead to a higher profile with new statutory partners, new funding (although limited) and involvement in LSP partnerships

What is the role of leadership in the project

I do not think it is important, partnership is more important.

How sustainable is the work

Without the funding for a Community Development worker it is difficult to engage with community groups and individual. We can identify discrimination issues from clients that come to the bureau but we cannot be pro active about reaching groups. We have some funding for advice.

Do you think CAB services are accessible to BAME communities in your rural area?

Yes it is but we still need to work on publicity and building trust.

What local training was provided and by whom

Discrimination training by SSU, Diversity awareness by outside trainer, in house training on Discrimination and Human rights

Welcome Guide

This guide is specifically for migrant workers coming to work in Wiltshire, to give them information on life in the UK and assist them in accessing services and understanding British systems.

The guide is also for British people who are moving to live in Wiltshire, to give them information on services specific to Wiltshire.

The information given here is not complete in all its aspects.  This is a summary specifically for those coming to live and work in Wiltshire, and includes contact details for further information.  We have tried our best to make sure that the information given is correct, but we cannot guarantee this.  It should not be regarded as a statement of law.  For further information, and to make sure facts are correct and up-to-date, please go to the Useful Contacts & Advice Section to find an agency that can assist you.

Welcome to Wiltshire  – Information for Migrant Workers their Families and newcomers to Wiltshire

Myth Busting Leaflet