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Mainstreaming of Race Discrimination Advice in Rural Citizens Advice Bureaux

Why Carnegie UK Trust supported the project? Рmessage from Philomena  de Lima


Project overview

Sharing the lessons from the Carnegie UK Trust rural race discrimination advice project

This online toolkit, collates a summary of the approaches and resources produced by the four pilot bureaux.  The toolkit demonstrates the ability of bureaux to develop innovative approaches to race discrimination advice with limited resources, and provides an opportunity for CAB to explore similar approaches to become more effective in identifying race discrimination issues and providing advice.

How to use the site

On the top Menu Bar you will find links to the 4 Pilot areas and in the resources tab – you will find all the resources that have been produced by the project.

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Community Development

One key element across all the pilots was the role of community development in engaging with communities.  and where this was part of the ongoing process it was more effective to build up relationships and engage with the communities and promote the services provided by the CAB.  In Perth this approach led to support for the Gypsy and Traveller community, and in Trowbridge the work with various faith communities and Black History Month.

The community development approach  has been effective in attracting clients from BME and Migrant worker communities and engaging new  volunteers and trustees from those communities.

Why don’t you share your approach that have worked here.

Project overview