The story so far….


  • Researched all JISC projects relating to the Innovations programmes to find any project/outputs/outcomes that could be transferred and adapted to our brief (Processes and Artefacts)
  • A outcome to date has been the challenge of harvesting process outcomes and discrete artefacts from JISC projects.
  • Identified five existing JISC projects from which elements could be adopted and built upon.
  • The five potential projects were narrowed down to 2 – HELLO and TAG
  • Here at EHU we already have an existing site aimed at students who have applied and accepted a place here.
  • HI is a website for applied students who can use the site as a source of info of things they need to know before they get here
  • It’s for the applicant community
  • We are hoping to add value to HI by adapting processes from HELLO and TAG

Researching JISC projects


A reportable outcome to date has been the challenge of harvesting project outcomes from JISC projects from the current web pages.

On the basis of this we have looked at and passed on the idea of “assisted shopping”. For instance this could be a facility to generate search outcomes which are derived from tagged JISC @project’ and ‘processes’. The tags could lead to search outcomes juxtaposed by others which are potentially related to the search category. This is very much like the Amazon data mining architecture (e.g. people who bought X may be interested in Y) – though we are not suggesting such levels of complexity.

If the additional ‘Amazon-type’ function could be included then this would be a bonus as tentative links and relationships can prove extremely beneficial.

JISC Project – Building Capacity: Supporting Retention and Success

Edge Hill University has been awarded JISC funding.

Building Capacity: Supporting Retention and Success Through Enhancement of the First Year Experience at Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University has a clear strategic imperative to improve student success and retention and has a current focus on enhancement of the first year experience from acceptance of a place, to transition into the second year. The project will identify and selectively deploy JISC processes, technologies and online solutions to impact positively on these aspects.