The story so far….

  • Researched all JISC projects relating to the Innovations programmes to find any project/outputs/outcomes that could be transferred and adapted to our brief (Processes and Artefacts)
  • A outcome to date has been the challenge of harvesting process outcomes and discrete artefacts from JISC projects.
  • Identified five existing JISC projects from which elements could be adopted and built upon.
  • The five potential projects were narrowed down to 2 – HELLO and TAG
  • Here at EHU we already have an existing site aimed at students who have applied and accepted a place here.
  • HI is a website for applied students who can use the site as a source of info of things they need to know before they get here
  • It’s for the applicant community
  • We are hoping to add value to HI by adapting processes from HELLO and TAG

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