• Research project, seeing the bigger picture with GIS and job security – Blog 3

    8 April 2022 STARTING A RESEARCH PROJECT When I first started this work placement, Kate (Head Ranger) introduced me to the team and told them that I wasn’t collecting data or doing research as part of my placement. Once I heard that, it planted a seed in my mind. I started speaking about this to […]

  • Final post, fire and public misuse of the site – Blog 5

    22 July 2022 THIS IS NOT THE END… This is the final blog post of my work placement but I’m happy to say that I will be continuing to volunteer my time with RSPB Dove Stone henceforth. I feel that I have learnt so much, gained valuable experience and have met some fantastic people along […]

  • Surveying peat, plants and the value of volunteer training – Blog 4

    15 April 2022 What I’ve found since starting to look into the research project is that I’m finding hidden opportunities to get involved with the work at RSPB Dove Stone. This is simply because I’ve been asking questions which have led to responses “well why don’t you come and help with this other project and […]

  • Sphagnum plugging and the peatland restoration process – Blog 2.1 (Bonus blog!)

    18 February 2022 This blog post isn’t necesarily about my work experiences but I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learnt about how and why peatland restoration takes place at RSPB Dove Stone. Naturally, sphagnum is widespread on healthy peatbogs but is now restricted to smaller patches. It is the main component for […]

  • Blog 2 – Sphagnum planting and communication

    18 February 2022 One of the big projects taking place before the spring is sphagnum plug translocation. The aim is to apply 10,000 plugs before mid-April when the bird breeding season starts. Further planting will commence again in late-July. These date restrictions are for the consideration of the breeding birds and are also legal conditions […]

  • Aaron’s work placement at RSPB Dove Stone – An Introduction

    4 February 2022 On the last day of January, I started my work placement with RSPB Dove Stone. RSPB Dove Stone is a 40 square kilometre (4,000 ha) site, managed for the benefit of the habitats and wildlife, in partnership with the landowner, United Utilities. The site predominantly consists of upland peatland, an internationally important […]