Easter is fast approaching!

Easter is fast approaching and we are all beginning to see summer just around the corner!

For me Easter will be a good time to take some time out at home and reflect on the stressing times to come. With my dissertation due April 16th and two exams in May, I will be very busy and no doubt worrying about the final day!

However, I’ve had some good news in that I attended two of my job applications and have got through! I attended my first job assessment centre a couple of weeks ago and am waiting to see if I have got through to the next stage. I then had my second job face to face interview at the beginning of the week and have made it through to the branch visit during Easter. Very exciting stuff!

Anyone else have any news to share regarding their university / job / career status?

Becki x x

Marvellous March!

As we are now into March, it’s safe to say that the final day of uni for me is approaching fast. However for most of you out there, the day where you start the adventure is fast approaching!

When making the decision about university, it’s important to take the time to think about all the possibilities. Is Edge Hill University the uni for you?

Do you want to live in a small town or a city?

Do you like all the departments and buildings on one campus?

Would you like to attend a larger or smaller uni?

All these factors influence which uni you want to choose and i’m sure for some of you Edge Hill University is the uni for you!

If you want any advice or help to make the important decision, then don’t hesitate to ask any of us.

Becki x x

It’s getting closer!

Well now is the time when people start finding out if they have got a place in their favoured uni or not.  After January exams are now over and the results are coming in, you will all start hearing how well you’re doing and preparing for your final exams in the next few months.  I know this time 3years ago I was going through the same thing!


If any of you out there need any help or advice on your A levels or equilevent then let us know! Remember though don’t stress!



Becki x x

Love is in the air..

As its Valentine’s Day this week, I wanted to share the love and see what everyone else was doing with their partners/friends? Its half term week so my friends are coming up to see me and we will go to the Venue on Wednesday night and around Ormskirk on Thursday night. I also think a romantic meal Thursday lunchtime is on the cards!

Valentine’s Day is also a special day for me as it was the day I passed my driving test, those 4 years ago! Time goes soo fast when you’re having fun..

What is everyone else doing this week for Valentine’s Day or just simply for half term?

Becki x x

Careers Fair

Tomorrow is Edge Hill’s careers fair which helps students of all ages prepare for the big wide world after their uni life. Over 40 companies will attend from all kinds of career backgrounds ranging from top companies to volunteering opportunities.

The careers fair is a great opportunity for first and second year students to have a look at the range of volunteering opportunities or part time jobs that are available. It is also a good chance for third year students to have a chat to local employers and see what is available within the UK and abroad.

This is one of the many opportunities that Edge Hill provides its students to help them find a new career or part time job whilst at uni.

I’ll be there tomorrow!

Becki x x

Xmas holidays

Sorry I haven’t been around to blog for the past month or so, had a few personal issues. Anyway i’m back and raring to complete these last few months of uni!

I’ve prepared to complete my dissertation within the next few months and have decided to conduct it on an area that I am familiar with and can research well for the subject. Has anyone else out there got any major work that needs completing soon? Or maybe you have just conducted exams?

I look forward to hearing from you all because i’m sure it isn’t just me with loads of work to do.

Becki x x

The lead up to Christmas!..

Well it’s the final week of University for most of us which means Christmas is just around the corner! I am sooooo excited and I hope you all are too!

However, this is the hardest week for me because I have 2 assignments due in that are difficult (well… I am in my 3rd year now) so I just wanted to share a bit of festive spirit and sympathise with anyone else that also has nasty assignments due in this week.

My first assignment is a group essay that is to do with the start up of a new charity retail arm. We had to plan a launch day for it and decided to go with Breast Cancer Care and setting up a new shop within Ormskirk. The idea went very well and I feel as a group we have done very well planning the event.

My second one is to do with global influenced. We had to choose 1 question out of 5 – I chose to do the issues with multinational companies and how workers are treated within their work environment. I have to say it is a very interesting subject!


How is everyone else getting on with their assignments? Or even exam revision for January exams?


Becki x x

Final two weeks..

It’s finally that time of the year when Christmas is fast approaching, an I’m sure you are all worried about work that is due in soon or any exams you may have in January. Well from my experience its best not to get too worried about things as it can make things worse! However, there are always a few tips to remember:


– Always have breaks whilst doing your assignment so you don’t end up writing waffle!

– Ensure you try and do as much work as you can each day but don’t write a whole essay in one day!


– Make sure you still enjoy yourself, just not too much!


I hope this helps coming from a third year that has done it all, but they do say that by making mistakes you always learn from them!


Becki x x

The Christmas Lights..

As you all know, it was the switch on of the Christmas lights on Friday (how gorgeous are they!)  AND I am loving the giant Christmas tree – if only it would fit in my room! I am such a big kid when it comes to Christmas… I go mad!

My mum is coming up to visit my next weekend and were going to go shopping in Liverpool for my Christmas presents, her Christmas presents and family and friends presents. I am already looking forward to it!  My dad is also coming up on the Saturday and were all going to go to the Trafford Centre as they have never been before.

BUT the main thing is they are bringing all my Christmas lights and decorations for my rooms and my advent calendar… yes I still have an advent calendar off my mum and dad at the age of 21!

Is anyone else out there getting an advent calendar or specific Christmas presents?


Becki x x

A night around O’town

On Tuesday night, I decided I wanted to go out around Ormskirk with some of my housemates and friends.  My seminar on the Wednesday morning had been cancelled so I thought it would of been nice to go out for once in a while.


Firstly, we all spent a bit of time at the house pre-drinking and spending some social time together. Then we walked down the road to Liquid Bar, which was packed! Very impressed to see all the fresher’s out enjoying themselves! Then, if you pay £1 for a drink you get an ‘I <3 Tuesdays’ stamp which gets you into Alpine for £1. After spending some valuable dancing time in Liquid Bar, we walked round the corner to Alpine. On the night, there was a hot tub there?! How random… but a bit of a laugh (never went in it though). Us lot were then dancing the night away and spending some priceless time with my housemates for the last year of me being here.


Was anyone else out that night??? How did you find it???



Becki x x