Useful links – Part 2 :)

Hey guys!

I bet all you first years out there are getting really excited about your fast-approaching move to University! And I’ve put together another list of links – hopefully this will increase your excitement and anticipation 😀

LipDub is coming to Edge Hill University this year, and it’s going to be amazing! Invite every EdgeHillian that you know and be a part of the Uni’s history 🙂

For those who don’t know what Lip Dub is, see the following videos –

Fellow blogger and fellow MA Creative Writing student, Sarah has answered some of the most frequent questions we’ve received so far, from the first-years. Hopefully this post will go a considerable way in clearing up some of your doubts 🙂

This is what all of you have been looking forward towards! Here it is – the official timetable for Freshers 2011/2012. Go check it out, it looks like a great amount of fun! 🙂

This is the official Edge Hill Freshers 2011/2012 FB group, and I urge everyone to join it! Alongwith the Hi website (, this page is the best place to not only meet your future flatmates and coursemates, as well as make new friends and meet/get to know people before you arrive at Edge Hill, but also a great place to get in touch with your seniors and Student Assistants and get your questions and doubts answered 🙂

As usual, keep following us on Twitter, (@AnushreeNande) and on here … and again, questions are most welcome!

Hope you’re all having a good summer, take care and keep safe!

Anu x



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Useful links :)

With the end of September getting ever closer, (I really wish time could slow down a bit, I don’t want my summer at home to be over just yet! :/) I bet there is ever increasing excitement and apprehension among all the prospective students out there who start Uni this year!

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that it’s been three whole years since I was in your very position, about to start my undergraduate degree abroad, leaving behind my friends and family and home in Mumbai, India. And now, I shall be starting my MA at Edge Hill after what seems like just a few months since I was a Fresher.

There have been many questions on the HI forum about what things you should bring with you when you arrive at Uni, and I will be blogging about that next week (with a special focus on international students, but also general stuff that I hope is useful for all the Freshers) However, for now, I’m going to leave you with a few links that I think will be helpful –

Big reminder again about Edge Hill’s upcoming Open Day on August 20, 2011! Book your place if you haven’t already, a physical campus visit is one of the best ways to decide whether a particular University is the place for you – I speak from personal experience! 🙂

Best way to get in touch with fellow Freshers and other Edge Hill students, have your queries answered, make a few friends/contacts before you actually arrive in Ormskirk, and generally get a feel of what you can expect when you start at Edge Hill.
Though of course, all the bloggers will be doing the very best in terms of writing about useful information and experiences, so keep an eye out for the blogs as well!

The Student Hub is all that everyone has been talking about since its construction began. It is a greater source of excitement now that Freshers Week (by which time it’s supposed to be completed) is just two months away. If you haven’t already got a look at it during your campus visit, here’s your chance to grab a peek at what is going to be the centre of social and student life and activity on campus this year.

Best source of information on and about Edge Hill for international students. Also, I’m more than happy to have questions thrown my way, so feel free! I’ll try my best to answer them in a satisfactory manner 🙂

That’s all for now, hope everyone’s having a good summer! Remember to be as active as you can on the HI forums, and feel free to ask us bloggers any questions/queries you might have 🙂

Take care, more later 🙂

Anu x

PS: A photo of me at graduation a few weeks ago 🙂


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Graduation, MAs and all that jazz

To everyone who has been regularly reading all the Edge Hill student blogs, here is a sincere apology for not keeping up with blog posts for the last 2 months! 🙁 There’s been a lot going on academically, personally and otherwise, but I’ll definitely be regular once again!

A lot’s happened since the last time I wrote on here –

  • I have graduated with a First class degree in BA Joint Honours Creative Writing and Media Studies.
  • I have got my official and unconditional letter of acceptance from Edge Hill for my full-time MA in Creative Writing, which starts in September.
  • As of yesterday, I have got a potential offer for publication of one of my short stories, as well as my first official rejection for a series of three poems.
  • The International Office has awarded me the International Achievement Scholarship for getting an overall First, which comes out of my Masters tuition fees.

I had wanted to do an accommodation post, especially about my experiences of living on campus for all three of my degree years, (a perk I am allowed as an international student) but since most of you have already submitted your online application forms, I thought I’d save it for another day if I get any more queries from anyone. It goes without saying that questions are most welcome!

Before I write anything more, here are a few useful links –

This is a Facebook group started by a fellow student blogger, for all students who will be Freshers at Edge Hill this September. There are many current Edge Hill students who are members of this group themselves, and I would recommend you joining this, as an addition to the HI forum, which I hope all of you are visiting regularly! (The HI website has all the important information you need as a Fresher at Edge Hill University, so I would strongly advise you to be active there!)

Two links which offer essential and important accommodation information.

My next post will be about what stuff you all need to think about and sort out before you arrive at University. Until then, feel free to post on here and on the HI forums, and don’t be shy about asking any questions you might have! Also, keep following us on Twitter – @AnushreeNande

Also, this is a very important reminder to those of you out there who still might have doubts about picking Edge Hill. Our next Open Day is on August 20, 2011. So please make sure you make the most of this opportunity, as nothing can beat a first-hand experience to make a final decision. (I can personally vouch for it!)

Anu x


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Looking ahead :)

All you prospective September intake Uni students out there, I bet there’s much excitement, but equal apprehension! I remember well how I felt in the months preceding my Freshers Week back in 2008. It seems like only yesterday, and I can hardly believe it that three years have gone by, that I’m now just under two months short of graduation and about to start my Masters degree from September!

I have already sorted out two internships for my Masters year, and with the interview for the MA later this month, I hope everything will be settled in terms of paperwork soon 🙂

Also, for all the students coming to Edge Hill, you will probably bump into me quite a lot during the Freshers Week as I will be on the Volunteer Team yet again. I really enjoyed it last year, and am excited to be doing it again in September!

I for one, had many questions to ask around this time, and I’m guessing you guys are the same, so don’t hesitate! Get on the forums, get involved and start interacting with other students – believe me when I say it’s good to know at least one person at the Uni before you arrive! And we’re always here to answer any queries, keep posting!

Just before I finish this, I would like a few words to offer prayers and wishes to a Creative Writing tutor of mine who passed away recently. It was very sudden and we’re all still in a state of shock. When I have recovered sufficiently, I will be writing a separate blog entry for someone who was a brilliant teacher, but for now, I just hope her soul rests in peace <3

Until next time then,

Stay safe and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Anu x

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Where did it go?

It’s about the time in the life of a final year student (aka ME! … and of course others) when we’ve handed in all our assignments, sat all our exams (I didn’t have any, but this is for others who did) and had a good few days or in my case, weeks of unofficial “summer” (though the weather’s decided to whine and rain) to relax and do whatever it is that we couldn’t because we had to write essays and such. It’s also the time to think about what next? and try and wonder where the last three years have gone. Seems only yesterday that we were all moving to Uni for our Freshers Week. And now we’re talking about finding jobs and graduation robes and farewell dinners and what not.

Actually for me, it hasn’t been all “holiday fever” because I have had tons of other things to do, of which I have managed to finish most (yay!) – Masters application (done), internships for the Masters year (done), hiring graduation robes (done), packing up (started) and sending off my work to online and paper magazines and newspapers etc in the hope that I might have something published before graduation in July. (Fingers crossed!)

It’s also hit me that while I still have another year to be a “student” (and a bit more some years down the line when I do my PhD) this is the beginning of the end of one phase and the start of another – I am not going to use the phrase “The real world” because that is just way too cheesy but you get the picture!

I did a campus tour for the summer school American students yesterday and all the while I kept thinking – has it really been three whole years since I was being shown around like this by the then International Student Assistant, Javier? Edge Hill’s become my second home and yet only a few years ago, I had never even heard of it.

So, all I have to say to all the prospective students excited about starting Uni from September – it’s going to be three of the best years of your life so make sure you make the best of your experience, cause it’s going to pass you by faster than you can count to ten 😀

Also, loads of campus events coming up (I’m working quite a few of the events too) and since Uni fever is not far away for most of you prospective students out there, get on the forums and get started early on the questions and everything else! It gets a lot easier when you start early and have an idea of what to expect, rather than finding out along the way. (though there is much to be learned in this manner a LOT of the times in Uni life :P)

Next week, I’m going to be doing a post especially for international/study abroad students, but hopefully everyone else will find it useful too!

Take care and keep in touch 🙂

Anu x

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I am standing in the light at the end of the tunnel …

Today’s not just any Tuesday. It is a very very special Tuesday. Why you may ask? Well I am about to enlighten you on that, I’m too excited to wait for anyone to take a guess 😀 – *drum roll* – I have handed in ALL my assignments as a third year this afternoon! Let me tell you that official freedom feels amazing 🙂 Graduation’s not until the 19th of July and results not until the first week of that month, so it’s going to be a while before I am in touch with anything “academic” again.

To be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet, that I have finished a major phase in my life as an undergraduate student. I haven’t really had time to think about what it meant to have last week of lectures at the start of April, or how I feel about three years that have gone by so fast. I don’t feel anything at this point apart from sheer mental and physical exhaustion – a direct result of the scale and amount of work I’ve had to do right from the start of this semester, and more so from the end of March, all the way the Easter break. On the way, I did get my first ever payslip for Student Guides, as well as had an amazing time with my badminton team at the Sports Awards.

Easter was mostly about the work, and I have my sister to thank for being an amazing study-buddy, but we also did have a great few days in London with our cousin – The Lion King at West End’s Lyceum Theatre, a tour of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (two more excited Gooner Girls you would not have found! Pics in the next entry) and tons of catching up and Vampire Diaries with our cousin were the highlights 🙂

Well, there is still a considerable list of stuff to be done – my Masters application and visa to name two – but for now, I am off to enjoy some well-deserved sun, rest and relaxation! (I am still probably going to see references and bibliographies and appendices and bits of poetry and fiction when I close my eyes but who cares when I don’t have to worry about deadlines for the foreseeable future?)

Take care, until next time 🙂

Anu x

PS: I shall be active on Twitter again as well so keep following! @AnushreeNande






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Sun, fun, work and concerts.

It’s been a busy week. Busy but good. And more importantly, very sunny! It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to change a place – out come the shorts and skirts and summer wear and chilled beers and chilling outside on the grass with icecream and music. And uni work of course. Some people like me, actually get their laptops out in a bid to try and get some work done (and succeed to a large extent) but generally it’s quite impossible to sit inside when it’s so gorgeous out 🙂 Looks like spring is officially here to stay! 😀

It was also a week for my Student Guide debut and I really enjoyed it! Working again this Wednesday so if any of you out there are heading Edge Hill’s way, you might just see me in the bright green bib 🙂

Edge Hill Women’s Badminton had their last game of the season and drew 4-4 to finish third in the league. Definitely a good note to end the season on, especially with our captain having finished two seasons unbeaten in the league for singles! In other news, the Men’s Firsts remained unbeaten to win the league and get promoted, while the Men’s Seconds finished second. Not a bad season at all! Sports Awards here we come! Just over a week left 🙂

And finally, I’ve managed to end the week on a high note – A Westlife concert in Birmingham with my sister to kick off her 20th birthday weekend! Magical and surreal 🙂

It’s back to work for me, there are still assignments to be written!

More from me next week, take care and keep safe!

Anu x

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Global Friends

It has been yet another ‘routinely’ busy week, a kind that seems to characterise my final year. So this post will be a short one, but equally interesting (I hope!) Recently, Edge Hill’s Centre for International Education has introduced a programme called The Global Friends scheme. It basically puts current Edge Hill students in touch with incoming international students, in a sort of ‘peer mentor’ scheme, weeks prior to their arrival at Edge Hill, and also after they begin their new lives at the University.

You can find out more information by checking this link:

The International Office did not offer this scheme at the time of my start at Edge Hill. But they did put me in touch with Javier, an International student from Peru, a 2nd year at Edge Hill when I was a Fresher, a few weeks before I arrived in England. I found this extremely helpful and reassuring as someone who was about to travel thousands of miles away from home to a new country and start University. He is to date, a really good friend and I was glad of the chance. So, to prospective international students as well as current Edge Hillians, I would certainly recommend joining this scheme, it will be worth the experience 🙂

More next week, till then, take care, have a good weekend and be safe!

Anu x

PS: I will have my first full working day as a Student Guide tomorrow for the Joints Applicant Visit Day, wish me luck! And for those of you who are coming to Edge Hill tomorrow, you might even see me in my bright green bib, or have me for your campus/accomodation tour!

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Joys of a Joint Student!

Hey again!

It’s almost next week. Almost. And I’ve had a busy seven days of it, hence the lateness of this post. It’s that time of year when students, especially those in their all-important final year slowly start to live in the library and spend more hours on lists, essays, research, worrying about work, taking breaks to relax but still worrying about work, trying to do work but getting distracted and all the combinations you can think of.

It’s worse for Joint Students. For those you out there, as well as prospective Joints, be ready for a lot of work. I’m not trying to scare you but I’m not going to try and sugar-coat it either, because it’s better to be mentally prepared than be surprised when you start Uni. Now there are a lot of Non-Joints out there who will brand you “extremely lucky” for not having to write a dissertation in your final year. But what they are not aware of is the sheer amount of assignments and word counts you will have to submit to “compensate” for no dissertation (turns out to be much more in the end) – not to forget that constant creative work isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Mental exhaustion much?

This semester, I have a sum total of approximately 18,000 words to write for all my assignments. – 2 media essays, (3000 and 3500 words each) a mini-dissertation for Creative Writing, 2 assignments of 4 poems each for Poetry, as well as a Reflection for Poetry over the experience of the last 3 years, and a 1000 word Reading as a Poet. Not to mention the respective 1250 or 1500 word self-assessments for the creative writing assignments.

But before I scare you away even more, there is plenty for me to look forward to as well, including Edge Hill Women’s Badminton’s last match of the season on March 16 (followed by the end of season social – Pub Golf) and Sports Awards, not to mention some travelling over Easter with my sister 🙂 Also, my first experiences as a Student Guide on the March 19 and March 30 Applicant Visit Days (For any prospective Media or Creative Writing student, here’s your chance to get some more questions answered, I’m here to help!)

Well, back to work for me! As usual, keep following us on Twitter @AnushreeNande and checking the Hi website regularly for updates. And questions are of course more than welcome!

Take care, stay safe and see you next time 🙂

Anu x

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Bits and bobs

Hello there!

Not much going on at the Edge, in the life of this student blogger, but I do have a few updates and links that might be of potential interest to all of you eager prospective Uni students 😀

First update involves my ankle – it is still a bit dodgy and still a while away from being completely back to normal but I did manage to complete training this week, as well as play in our 5-3 win against Salford University on Wednesday, and win both my doubles matches! Feels good to be back on the court, and what better to top off the win than the first ever doubles win for our 2nd doubles team of Emma Fletcher and Josie Lindley! I am really proud of how far they’ve come since the beginning of the year 🙂

The second piece of business for today concerns the Edge Link bus. For those of you who are not aware, (and this might be a considerable number of you, unless of course you’ve already been on an Open Day, or your Applicant Visit Day) Edge Hill has a bus service operating from campus into Ormskirk every 15 minutes from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. It is free to use for all Edge Hill students, and a 50p single or an 80p return for the rest. Needless to say it is extremely convenient if you’re in a hurry, or if the weather is bad and it is cold and/or raining, or both of the above and you’re carrying heavy bags of groceries et al. As of 28th of February however, the service now runs from 8 am-9pm on weekdays. Definitely an improvement I am extremely pleased about! 😀

Speaking of extending deadlines, the library is having its second phase of late opening times starting March 7. It was a success the first time around in December, and with the intense amount of work I have to work, I’m not complaining about it being open until midnight!

And finally, for all you Creative Writing hopefuls (especially poetry) here is an interesting article for you to read.

(And just to add a bit of trivia, Catie was in my “Introduction to Fiction and Poetry” class in Year 1, and a lovely girl 🙂 )

Alrighty then, bye bye for now. Have a great weekend and keep safe! 🙂

Anu x

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