Annual Trip to Wales

The start of October saw the first and second year Animation students going on the annual trip to Wales staying in Llandudno and this year we went to Betws y Coed where the students got into drawing and capturing audio.

Animation students reviewing their drawn work in Betws y Coed, North Wales.
Animation Students drawing in Betws y Coed, North Wales.
Animation Students drawing in Betws y Coed, North Wales.
Animation Students drawing in Betws y Coed, North Wales.

Animation Students drawing in Betws y Coed, North Wales.

Summer School Animation Residential

Last week we had 6 students come onto our annual Summer School Animation Residential which lasted three days. The students were given the task of producing in groups of three a stop-motion animation with the aim to achieve a completed animated film to be screened by the end of the residential.

See below for images of some of the great production work undertaken by the students as well as the screening of their finished animations.

From production to screening

Trip to the VFX Festival 2017

2nd year Digital SFX Animation and Motion Graphics students enjoyed the VFX FESTIVAL 2017 @ The Rich Mix Cinema, London. The festival hosted a fantastic array of Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics companies from the UK. Major companies talking about production work included ‘Industrial Light and Magic’ talking about ‘Star Wars:Rogue One’, Framestore talking about ‘Fantastic Creatures’, MPC talking about ‘Jungle Book’ as well as a host of other production studios including The Mill, MOMOCO, Glassworks, Axis VFX, etc.

Edge Hill University Animation VFX Festival 2017
VFX Festival 2017 Edge Hill University Animation

As well as a host of presentations, screenings and panel discussions, the students had a chance to spend time in the technology hub set up by the festival organisers on the fourth floor of the Rich Mix Cinema in London. Where they could get to see and experience the latest in interactive software and hardware including a lot of VR. With technology in the hub with HP, SideFX and The Mill demonstrating some of the tools that fuel innovation across the VFX industry.

Also on the fourth floor opposite the Technology Hub was a room of stalls including an array of the top UK VFX, animation, AND Motion Graphics companies where the students could talk directly about careers, getting into the industry, showreels, employability, etc.

Edge Hill University Animation VFX Festival 2017

Info about the VFX Festival can be found here

More info about the VFX Festival can be found here

3rd Year Students Visit Uniform in Liverpool

Students on the the 3rd year module ‘Showreel and Enterprise’ module visited Liverpool to have a look at the studios/offices of the design and innovation company Uniform in Liverpool.

3rd year visit to Uniform in Liverpool

I think it safe to say that everyone who went on this visit was mightily impressed with Uniform in terms of the work they do, the people who work there and in terms of the space itself. The students whilst there were given a studio tour that included being shown the work that Uniform undertakes in terms of research and development including 3D product design that relates to innovation including Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Also we had a presentation that directly related to Uniform’s animation and short promo video’s work for client’s. The students from the visit students gained an invaluable insights into the Creative Industry and employability.

3rd year animation students visit Uniform in Liverpool

3rd year animation edge hill university students visit Uniform in Liverpool

This link prehaps best describes the ethos and what a fascinating company Uniform is

Link to article about Uniform’s office space

The visit was made possible through the support of Glorybox

Former Animation student in the brick of it with LEGO

Former Edge Hill Animation student David Chambers is an In-Game Animator for BAFTA award winning game LEGO Dimensions.

David graduated from Edge Hill in 2013 with a degree in Animation, which he has put to good use in his current role with Traveller’s Tales Games (TT Games) as a full time In-Game Animator. TT Games are part of Warner Bros and have sold over 180 million games.

Edge Hill University Animation Student Wins Award

The latest project David has worked on is LEGO Dimensions, a toys-to-life, action-adventure video game, which has been awarded the 2016 British Academy Children’s Award for Best Game. Different minifigures from different worlds can be played together in one video game, for example you can play as Jake from Adventure Time and play through the Fantastic Beasts level.

As an In-Game Animator, David was responsible for creating the in-game animations for ET, Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts) and Jillian Holtzmann (Ghostbusters). He created all of the movements that are seen during gameplay including movements such as running, jumping, falling, fight combinations and special attacks.

“It’s important to keep the character in mind when animating as no two characters move in the same way,” said David. “We live test animations through the in-house game engine to see how the character feels. Is this a natural way for this character to move? The idea is, if you transfer a run cycle from one character to another then it should look totally out of character. Are they too fast? Is the weight right? If the character is big and heavy but moves really quickly then people will instinctively recognise that the weight isn’t right.

“It’s a great feeling to be involved in a BAFTA-winning game, and I’m really proud of the work the team has done on LEGO Dimensions. I’m glad that people are getting a lot of enjoyment out of the game and it’s testament to the hard work put in by the team at TT Games.”
David still receives support from Edge Hill and he has returned to speak to students.

“Alex Jukes, Senior Lecturer in Animation, is always on hand for a catch up or a word of advice. He has kindly invited me back on a couple of occasions to talk to students about my experiences in the industry. I still feel very much part of the Edge Hill family.”

See original article on Edge Hill University website

Edge Hill Animation ‘Martial Arts’ Performance at TATE Liverpool

Martial Arts at TATE Liverpool

Animation Staff from Edge Hill, along with some of the current Animation students undertook a performance event at ‘TATE Liverpool’ on Saturday 26th November, called ‘Martial Arts’ which was part of the ‘TATE EXCHANGE’ programme and related to the Yves Klein exhibition that is currently on at TATE Liverpool (until 5th March). The idea of the event was to look to see how Judo influenced movement and colour inspired by Yves Klein’s work could be used to create live-animation by way of capturing the movement of Judo experts by way of filming their movements to explore the use of movement, balance and colour.

Edge Hill Animation Martial Arts

In the main gallery of TATE Liverpool the ‘Wirral Judo Club’ performed their martial art and their moves were filmed and this footage was then relayed to a group of 2nd & 3rd year Edge Hill University Animation students in the adjacent Clore Studio at TATE Liverpool. The students turned the footage into quick frame by frame short animations which were then compiled into a longer animation which was relayed back into the TATE Gallery onto the gallery wall by way of a projector. This projected animation could be seen beside where the judo club were practising. Thereby setting up a loop within the performance and combining the movement of everyone doing judo to the animation students undertaking the creation of the animation.

The whole event was inspired by the Yves Klein Exhibition at the TATE Liverpool. Klein was a master in Judo, and was an artist who did performance by way of staging events the ‘Martial Arts’ event looked to combine all of these aspects.

The event helped to launch TATE EXCHANGE Liverpool which is an open experiment; a space for an ongoing programme of events developed by artists, practitioners, and associates from Tate and beyond. It is a place where everyone is invited to collaborate, test ideas and discover new perspectives on life, through art.

Link to ‘TATE EXCHANGE Liverpool’ website

Edge Hill University Animation students at TATE Liverpool
Edge Hill University Animation Judo Moves
Edge Hill University Animation Martial Arts
Edge Hill Animation
Martial Arts Edge Hill University Animation

Link to ‘TATE LIVERPOOL’ website for post on the event.
Link to info on TATE Liverpool Yves Klein exhibition
Link To ‘Wirral Judo Club’ website

At ‘The Design Your Future’ event in Manchester

The Edge Hill Animation staff along with some of the 2nd year animation students were manning the Edge Hill stall at the ‘The Design Your Future’ event at the GMEX in Manchester on the 22-23rd November. For the stand the Edge Hill Animation team provided two Cintiq’s, stop motion characters for display and student animation work. At the Design Your Future event

End of year Animation Screening

End of year screening 2013, in the Studio Theatre, Edge HillThe cream of Edge Hill’s Animation work was on display recently, with the end of year Animation screening.

The event was an opportunity to showcase some of the brilliant work produced by students on the Animation courses.

The night was a chance for Animation students whether they are stop motion, visual effects or animation students to see,discuss ideas, and get excited by each others work.

The night proved that this current crop of students have raised the bar regards standards of work.

Some of the work that was screened at the end of year screening.