Alex’s Blog – Open Day manages to impress once again!

Saturday saw another Edge Hill Open Day run smoothly and very successfully yet again thanks to the hard work put in by all the staff involved.

Personally, both the Open Day and Applicant Day that I attended at Edge Hill certainly helped to ‘seal the deal’ and I immediately knew which uni I wanted to attend and with over 1500 people registered and an estimated 5000 visitors in total, it would be safe to say that Edge Hill did it again and made a positive impact on a huge number of applicants.

Working at the Open Day, I can honestly say there was a real buzz and feeling of excitement across campus as potential students visited what could be their ‘second home’ for the next few years!

The next Open Day is on Saturday 17th November 2012 – 10am-3pm. If you would like any further information or would like to book a place on the next Open Day, visit our Open Day website. You honestly won’t regret it!

Alex πŸ™‚

Nervous times..

The time of year has come again where most students will be nervous about something..

Freshers are meeting new people and adjusting to life at uni, second year’s are starting to realise they aren’t freshers anymore and third year’s are starting to think about life after university! Where has the time gone?!

After a pretty busy summer of teaching in Ghana and working at the Olympics, I can safely say I’m happy to be back at Edge Hill, now it’s time to apply for PGCE!

Alex πŸ™‚

The Olympic Torch arrives in Wigan!

This Thursday, the Olympic Torch passed through Wigan and even the rubbish weather couldn’t dampen people’s spirits!

Masses of people turned out to cheer the torchbearers on, I’ve never seen as many Union Jacks in one placeΒ in my life!

Seeing the torch coming through Wigan made me even more excited about going working at the Olympics.. but right now I am concentrating on my trip to Ghana..

leaving in less than 48 hours!

Alex πŸ™‚

Almost ready to go!

Can’t believe it’s only a matter of days till I go to Ghana!

I will be traveling along with 5 other sports students from Edge Hill and we are all very excited!! We will be working with children and young people from schools and communities as part of the IDEALS program set up by UK Sport.

I’m hoping to be able to blog regularly so that I can update everyone throughout the course of the trip!

Alex πŸ™‚

Work Experience at Olympics 2012!

I am extremely excited as, not only am I going to Ghana for six weeks to teach PE to children and young people, I have been offered a job as a Venue Operator for Coca Cola at the Olympics in London!

I get back from Ghana on July 18th around 8am and need to get down to London on the same day for 4pm!! Sounds like one big rush but I am up for the challenge!

Why would I want to give up the opportunity of 2 once in a lifetime experiences in 1 summer?!

Alex πŸ™‚

23 days to go..

So now it’s only 23 days till I go to Ghana along with 5 other Edge Hill Sports Students.

Everyone is really excited! Whilst out there for six weeks, we will be:

  • Teaching PE in schools and communities
  • Working alongside BILD Leaders and University of Ghana Students
  • Carrying out dissertation research

.. amongst various other projects!

I now have pretty much everything in place and ready to go!

Alex πŸ™‚

ASDA shoppers donate to Ghana trip!

On Saturday, the IDEALS group who are travelling to Ghana (in just over 1 month!) took part in a bag-packing event at ASDA Skelmersdale in order to raise money to go towards the trip!

From 9am till 6pm; myself, Luke, Ayla, Jenny and Emma (along with our lecturers Mel & Sarah!) put in a huge effort packing the bags of generous customers. Some even donated without wanting any help which was happily accepted once it got past 1pm and everyone began to get tired!

As yet we don’t know the total that was raised but we’re hoping for a big amount!

Alex πŸ™‚

Me, Ayla, Sarah, Emma, Luke and Mel


End of 2nd Year!

After today I have officially finished Year 2 of my PE + School Sport Course!

Can’t believe how the quick the time is going, it feels like I only started last week!

Today wasn’t just a final lecture either.. it consisted of a Research Methods Dissertation Proposal hand-in.. as well as a group dance in front of the rest of the year!

There was some great dances created and performed by all the students.. from circus-themed to mary poppins, everyone did really well!

Now it’s time to find out what everyone has planned for summer! I’m sure we’ll be back to begin out third year in no time!……

Alex πŸ™‚

Careers Awards Evening 2012..

On Tuesday evening, the Careers Awards Evening 2012 will take place at Edge Hill University.

Awards are presented to deserving nominees including;

  • Employer of the Year
  • Student Employee of the Year
  • Student Volunteer of the Year
  • Student Group Volunteer of the Year
  • Edge Hill University Employability Programme Awards

Nominations for all categories have been pouring in and those shortlisted for their awards will be very proud! They now have the chance to win an award as well as high street vouchers!

Click here to watch last year’s ceremony!

Alex πŸ™‚

Apply for Scholarships!

If you are interested in Volunteering, Sports, Creative Arts or Performing Arts then you should definitely apply for an Entrance Scholarship at Edge Hill!

With each Entrance Scholarship, you are entitled to Β£2000 over 3 years! Plus, the scholarships have nothing to do with your degree subject or financial situation.

Click on the following link for more information:

Good luck!

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