Author(s): Evrard S.; van de Velde C.; Noordhoek I.; Caballero C.; Ceelen W.; Polom K.; Kolacinska A.; Allum W.; D’Ugo D.; Malik H.Z.; Rubio I.T.; Wyld L.; Leidenius M.; Rivoire M.; Zoras O.; Polkowski W.; Poston G.J.; Audisio R.A.; Kovacs T.; Gonzalez-Moreno S.

Source: European Journal of Surgical Oncology; 2019

Publication Date: 2019

Publication Type(s): Review

Available¬† at European Journal of Surgical Oncology –¬† from ScienceDirect

Abstract:As part of its mission to promote the best surgical care for cancer patients, the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)has been developing multiple programmes for clinical research along with its educational portfolio. This position paper describes the different research activities of the Society over the past decade and an action plan for the upcoming five years to lead innovative and high quality surgical oncology research. ESSO proposes to consider pragmatic research methodologies as a complement to randomised clinical trials (RCT), advocates for increased funding and operational support in conducting research and aims to enable young surgeons to be active in research and establish partnerships for translational research activities.

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