Author(s): Morgan C.; McCulloch F.; Trimble M.; Whitmore C.; Samad S.

Source: Diabetic Medicine; Mar 2019; vol. 36 ; p. 136

Publication Date: Mar 2019

Publication Type(s): Conference Abstract

Available  at Diabetic Medicine –  from Wiley Online Library Full Collection

Abstract:Aims: The inpatient diabetes team at Aintree University Hospital have for some time noted delays in implementation of their patient management plans. We audited the inpatient review process in 2017 to see if we could identify causes for delays and any impact on patient care. We used this information to develop a strategy to ameliorate these issues. Method(s): We devised an audit tool to measure what happened between the patients’ first two DSN reviews: looking at if and when recommended changes were made and what impact this had on the patient journey. After we reviewed the data we introduced a new Diabetes Communication Sheet that was placed in the medical notes and then repeated the audit three months later to test its impact. Result(s): In both audits treatment changes were made in 90% of cases. However the introduction of the Diabetes Communication Sheet improved the speed plans were carried out: 55.3% patients had their plans actioned on the day of review initially, compared to 82.3% patients after the sheet was introduced. Prior to the communication sheet, 17 patients plans were not implemented on the day of review and some patients waited over five days and required a second review before appropriate diabetes care was given. After the Diabetes Communication Sheet was introduced no patient waited more than three days. Conclusion(s): The Diabetes Communication Sheet has improved the speed of implementation of diabetes plans and reduced duplicate referrals helping improve patient care and the inpatient service.

Database: EMBASE