Author(s): Kelly C.; Palmer J.; Conner L.

Source: Diabetic Medicine; Mar 2019; vol. 36 ; p. 12

Publication Date: Mar 2019

Publication Type(s): Conference Abstract

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Abstract:Aim: Demonstrate the impact of delivering diabetes care beyond the clinic room. Liverpool diabetes partnership (LDP) is an integrated diabetes service with relationships within National Health Service (NHS) and third sector organisations. We are involved with community engagement projects. These include Ramadan events, Polish workers projects, homeless and mental health drop-ins all aimed at improving awareness, engagement and to have an impact on health outcomes. Method(s): A service evaluation used patient and healthcare professional questionnaires to assess the impact of the service. Audits of attendance/completion of structured education programme. Health outcome data from commissioners demonstrates improved HBA1C, blood pressure (BP) and incidence of diabetic kidney failure. Diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) with lead areas in education, hard to reach, Mental Health and BAME developed projects with social inclusion teams, homeless charities and health workers. Projects focus on building relationships, health checks, education and support. Result(s): Last three years delivered diabetes awareness for Ramadan event, consistently over 150 people attending for health checks and education, an average of 5% of attendees referred on to Gp for further checks. The most recent outcomes data shows citywide reduction in HBA1C, cholesterol and BP. Proportion of people with diabetes with heart disease/attacks. Completion rate for education has risen from 28% to 51%. Development of a homeless patient caseload as well as an increased uptake of retinal screening for this group. Conclusion(s): The LDP approach of reaching out beyond the traditional clinic sessions is proving to have a positive impact on engagement with ‘hard to reach’ patients and demonstrates improvements in health outcomes.

Database: EMBASE