Author(s): Bhargava A.

Source: Acta Ophthalmologica; Dec 2018; vol. 96 ; p. 13

Publication Date: Dec 2018

Publication Type(s): Conference Abstract

Available  at Acta Ophthalmologica –  from Wiley Online Library Full Collection

Abstract:Multiple research articles, 30 randomised controlled trials and a Cochrane review on simulation in surgery and training emphasize the interest and wide application of simulated methods that can be utilised. Simulated practice often occurs now as a component of undergraduate training. Easing the learning curve of complex tasks is obviously beneficial for trainees and patients and this has shown to be the case with the use of simulation models. A practical guide to implementation of the use of simulation surgery in training will be outlined, with emphasis on glaucoma surgical training.

Database: EMBASE

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