Author(s): Lever C.J.

Source: Orthopaedics and Trauma; 2018

Publication Date: 2018

Publication Type(s): Article In Press

Abstract:Diabetes is an increasing problem in the modern world. Along with the rise in prevalence of the disease the number of diabetic complications presenting is increasing and amongst these is diabetic foot issues. Foot infection and Charcot arthropathy are the two key pathologies that present acutely with a hot swollen foot. Both require timely diagnosis and management to prevent disastrous long-term sequelae. Acutely presenting foot infections are both limb and life threatening and require urgent intervention to improve the chance of limb salvage. The ability to recognize and acutely deal with a diabetic foot requiring urgent surgical drainage is relevant to all orthopaedic surgeons with an on-call commitment and not solely to the foot and ankle specialist. Charcot arthropathy results in foot deformity that increases the likelihood of future ulceration and infection. The differentiation and acute management of the two conditions will be discussed.

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