Author(s): Jones C.P.L.; Fawker-Corbett J.; Groom P.; Morton B.; Lister C.; Mercer S.J.

Source: Anaesthesia; Jan 2018; vol. 73 ; p. 12-24

Publication Date: Jan 2018

Publication Type(s): Review

Available  at Anaesthesia –  from Wiley Online Library Full Collection

Abstract:Human factors in anaesthesia were first highlighted by the publication of the Anaesthetists Non-Technical Skills Framework, and since then an awareness of their importance has gradually resulted in changes in routine clinical practice. This review examines recent literature around human factors in anaesthesia, and highlights recent national reports and guidelines with a focus on team working, communication, situation awareness and human error. We highlight the importance of human factors in modern anaesthetic practice, using the example of complex trauma.

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Database: EMBASE


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