Author(s): Cruccu G.; Nurmikko T.J.; Ernault E.; Riaz F.K.; Mcbride W.T.; Haanpaa M.

Source: European Journal of Pain (United Kingdom); 2017

Publication Date: 2017

Publication Type(s): Article In Press

Available  at European journal of pain (London, England) –  from Wiley Online Library Full Collection

Abstract:Background: Dynamic Mechanical Allodynia (DMA) is a typical symptom of neuropathic pain (NP). In a recent study, the capsaicin 8% patch was noninferior to pregabalin in overall peripheral NP relief. In this study, we report the comparison of the two treatments in relieving DMA. Methods: In a randomized, open-label, head-to-head, 8-week study, 488 patients with peripheral NP were treated with the capsaicin 8% patch (one application) or an optimized dose of pregabalin. Assessments included the area and intensity of DMA, and the number of patients achieving complete resolution of DMA. Results: At baseline, 253 patients in the capsaicin 8% patch group and 235 patients in the pregabalin group had DMA. From baseline to end of study, the change in DMA intensity was significantly in favour of the capsaicin 8% patch versus pregabalin [-0.63 (95% CI: -1.04, -0.23; p = 0.002)]. Similarly, the capsaicin 8% patch was superior to pregabalin in reducing the area of DMA [-39.5 cm2 (95% CI: -69.1, -10.0; p = 0.009)] from baseline to end of study. Overall, a greater proportion of patients had a complete resolution of allodynia with capsaicin 8% patch treatment compared with pregabalin treatment (24.1% vs. 12.3%; p = 0.001) at end of study. Conclusion: Capsaicin 8% treatment was superior to pregabalin in reducing the intensity and area of DMA, and in the number of patients with complete resolution of DMA. Significance: The superiority of a topical treatment over pregabalin in relieving DMA supports the view that both peripheral and central sensitization can mediate allodynia.

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