Author(s): Wilding J.; Bailey C.; Rigney U.; Blak B.; Emmas C.; Kok M.

Source: Primary Care Diabetes; Oct 2017

Publication Date: Oct 2017

Publication Type(s): Article In Press

Abstract:Aims: To investigate prescribing patterns and effect of dapagliflozin among individuals with T2DM using UK primary care data. Methods: Adult patients with T2DM initiating dapagliflozin treatment were identified from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink. Changes in HbA1c, body weight and systolic blood pressure were assessed in subgroups defined by glucose lowering treatment at baseline and compliance with the Summary of Product Characteristics. Logistic regression examined the association of baseline characteristics with achievement of target HbA1c (=3.0%). Results: Among 5828 eligible individuals, HbA1c was reduced from a baseline mean of 80.0. mmol/mol (SD 17.6) by -12.8 (95% CI -13.8, -11.8). mmol/mol at >12-24 months. The corresponding value for weight reduction (baseline mean 101.7. kg) was -5.0 (-5.4, -4.5). kg, and for systolic blood pressure reduction (baseline mean 134.1. mmHg) was -3.1 (-4.0, -2.2) mmHg. Lower baseline HbA1c values (=86. mmol/mol) were positively associated with achievement of target HbA1c Copyright © 2017 Primary Care Diabetes Europe.

Database: EMBASE